The Once Upon a Time season 6 premiere introduced new characters and new adventures began. The previous season was filled with loss and destruction. Rumor has it that season 6 will be a little more hopeful, however, after the season premiere, things are looking a little bleak for several of the main characters. 

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The Savior’s Story 

The first episode,”The Savior” started with a clip of Aladdin and Jafar. Aladdin was referred to as the savior and was huddled in a corner shaking uncontrollably with a young woman at his side. The scene transitioned to Emma and Hook, and throughout the rest of the episode, Emma suffered from visions and tremors. Hyde teased her with the idea of starting her own story, while an oracle, the same young woman that was with Aladdin, warned her of her impending fate. Emma will need to find her villain. Could it be the young woman? Maybe Aladdin will appear and help Emma during her story. Emma’s future is not too looking bright, and she will have to play out her own story throughout the season. Perhaps Jafar is right and no savior ever finds their happy ending.

New Partnerships 

The last episode of season 5 suggested that Regina and Zelena would spend season 6 mending their bond as sisters. The season premiere of Once Upon a Time demonstrated that Zelena may be bonding with the wrong sister. While Zelena may be forming a partnership with the Evil Queen, Regina may be solidifying her bond with Snow White. The Evil Queen may start a new story by terrorizing the town as well as Regina. At the same time, Regina’s new story as a hero may begin. 

Belle’s New Beginning

Belle placed herself under a sleeping curse during season 5, and Rumpelstiltskin was unable to wake her. He traveled to Morpheus’ temple and walked through her dreams. He had planned on making her fall in love with him again, but was unsuccessful. Belle and Rumpelstiltskin were able to meet their unborn son while in the dream world and Belle made the decision to finally leave her husband and branch out on her own. The image of Rumpelstiltskin standing alone with a magic wand and Belle wandering through Storybrooke alone were both a little ominous. If Rumple decides to go dark and seek retribution, Belle’s story may get a little dangerous throughout the rest of Season 6. 

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The Once Upon a Time season 6 premiere has finally aired and put several new stories into motion. Do you think the season 6 will be as dark as season 5? Will Emma survive or will her family let her perish? 

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