In the previous episode of The Walking Dead, we spent a good deal of time in Alexandria as the community recovered from the recent attack by the Wolves. Alas, before the Alexandrians could even process their recent trauma, Rick returned with half of the herd behind him. Rick made it inside safely, but the walkers surrounded Alexandria, essentially trapping everyone inside. All of the Alexandrians dealt with the situation differently. Jessie and Denise stepped up to help their fellow Alexandrians, while Deanna struggled with her role as a leader and Spencer gave a big speech about sharing resources, only to steal some supplies for himself. Meanwhile, Maggie and Aaron tried to go out to search for Glenn, but they were unable to make it past the herd. And Maggie broke down and revealed that she is pregnant.

In this episode, “Always Accountable,” The Walking Dead goes beyond the walls of Alexandria to show us what has been going on with Daryl, Sasha, and Abraham. When the trio is attacked on the road, they get separated and Daryl is left on his own.

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Daryl is Kidnapped

Daryl, Sasha, and Abraham are still leading their half of the herd away. Just as they get past the predetermined point they were supposed to lead the walkers to, they are attacked by an unknown group. During the chaos, Daryl gets separated from the other two. While he flees on his bike, Sasha and Abraham crash their car and have to take out the people chasing them. Once their pursuers are dealt with, they decide to find cover in case there are more attackers heading their way.

Meanwhile, Daryl manages to get away from those chasing him and heads into a burned-out section of the woods, but his injuries are slowing him down. He then comes across two women who distract him while the man with them knocks Daryl out. When Daryl comes to, he has been tied up and the man is holding a gun to his face, threatening to shoot him if Daryl so much as speaks. Daryl realizes that these people think he is with the group who attacked him, but the man threatens to shoot him again when Daryl tries to explain that he is not who they think he is.

As they are heading through the woods, Daryl realizes that these people are responsible for taking out a lot of walkers in the area via the fire that destroyed the forest. They explain that they were in the woods right when everything started, and once they set the fire to take out the walkers surrounding them, all the walkers in the area were drawn to it. This area was apparently where they made camp until they joined up with the group who attacked Daryl, but they are only back here to pick up someone named Patty. Alas, when they get to the place Patty is supposed to be, it has been overrun and they realize Patty must be dead.

When one of the women starts to pass out, Daryl uses the distraction to get away. He even manages to grab their pack before escaping. Daryl gets out of his restraints, deals with a walker and then discovers a cooler of insulin inside the pack. Because Daryl is one of the few truly good people left in this world, he heads back to the people who kidnapped him in order to return their pack.

Is Daryl Too Kind?

By the time he gets back to the trio, the group who attacked him — and who the trio is running from — has found them. This unknown group was apparently lying in wait for Daryl’s kidnappers when they shot at Daryl and his friends. Daryl once again decides to be the better man by helping his kidnappers escape their pursuers. They stay hidden until the group leaves.

Once the group is gone, Daryl follows his kidnappers back to a campsite, where they discover that their friends are dead. When one of the women goes to leave flowers for the dead, she gets bitten because her dead friends are now walkers. Daryl sticks around until the remaining two have a chance to bury their friend. He asks the man three questions and basically offers to bring them to Alexandria.

Alas, their brief alliance is cut short when the two left standing decide to betray Daryl. They take his crossbow and his bike and leave him behind to fend for himself. Oh, Daryl. I hope the next time you decide to help someone, they are worthy of your kindness.

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Abraham and Sasha Grow Much Closer

While Daryl is dealing with his new “friends,” Sasha and Abraham take shelter in a building because Sasha believes that the best way to find a tracker is to wait for them to find you. She leaves Daryl a message — his last name — on the outside of the building so he knows where they are when he eventually he finds them. They clear the building, but there is one walker they cannot get to because it is trapped inside one of the rooms. Sasha does not seem concerned about the walker, but it does keep her from getting some much-needed rest. So she decides to talk to Abraham instead.

In a fantastic scene, Sasha asks Abraham why he joined her on this mission. He insists that he could not let her go alone because she was out of control, but Sasha points out that she is in control now. Abraham, on the other hand, seems pretty out of control to her. Abraham claims he has not had a chance to get his head right because the chaos never stops, but Sasha reminds him that he had a chance in Alexandria. She says that without walkers and bullets and stuff hitting the fan, people are accountable for their choices. When stuff is hitting the fan, people tend not to notice if someone is a bit off. But now that they have had a chance to breathe, she lets him know that she has noticed how out of control he really is.

The next morning, Abraham goes off on his own to search for supplies. He comes to a bridge and finds a truck that has crashed or broken down. Inside the truck, he finds a box of cigars and ammo for an RPG. He then notices that the walker hanging off the bridge has the RPG strapped to its back.

Abraham decides that he just has to have that weapon, so he basically tries to wrestle it off of the walker. In doing so, the walker gets close enough to bite him about a dozen times. Abraham gets frustrated and literally screams in the walker’s face before finally giving up. He goes back to light one of the cigars and his tussle with the walker pretty much tears the thing loose from the bridge and it falls, leaving the weapon behind.

Abraham returns and tells Sasha what he found. He then gives her a speech about how once they got to Alexandria, he saw a real future in front of him and it made him want to make some big plays. He ends the speech by saying that he wants to get to know Sasha better, if you know what I mean. Sasha laughs and asks him how he knows she is even interested. He replies that “a man can tell.” Which is actually pretty gross. Sasha then reminds him that he has things to take care of and Abraham says he knows. So I guess that means Abraham will return to Alexandria and break up with Rosita.

I am honestly torn about this whole thing. I have really been enjoying the scenes between Sasha and Abraham, but that was when I assumed they were just friends. Now that this might be heading in a romantic direction, I do not know what to think. If the show was changing things up this way, I wish they had let Abraham break up with Rosita before heading out on this little mission with Sasha. That way, he would have been free and clear when he declared his feelings for her. But with Abraham and Rosita still together, that whole conversation just felt wrong. And I am still not sure how Sasha feels about him.

Our Trio Reunites

After the two remaining kidnappers make away with Daryl’s stuff, Daryl finds an abandoned fuel truck on the road. He manages to get it started and makes his way back to Sasha and Abraham. As they head back to Alexandria, Daryl tries to contact Rick over the radio. He does not reach Rick, but someone replies to Daryl’s call with a one-word message: “Help.”

What did you think of this episode of The Walking Dead? Was that Glenn’s voice on the radio? I don’t think it sounded like Glenn, but one can always hope. If it is not, is it someone we know? The group who attacked Daryl and company do not seem to be part of the Wolves, so who are they? Are they the show’s version of the Saviors? Given the recent casting news about Negan, I think that is a good assumption. What do you think of Abraham’s feelings for Sasha? Do you think she returns them? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section.

The Walking Dead airs Sunday nights at 9pm on AMC.

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