If you’ve been watching How to Get Away With Murder season 2, you know by now that down the road, Annalise gets shot and we see Wes running away from Hapstall mansion. Wes is definitely a prime suspect, but we also can’t make a definitive ruling that he’s guilty of this. So who exactly did shoot Annalise? Here are our top suspects.

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Connor Walsh

Connor wasn’t very happy when he found out that Annalise might have his car, which he happened to use to move Sam’s corpse. Could Annalise’s power trip finally have gotten to him? Besides that, Oliver has now gotten wrapped up in the mess that is Annalise too, which definitely isn’t pleasing to Connor. He even threatened that he would directly blame her if anything happened to Oliver when he went missing.

Bonnie Winterbottom

It’s no secret that Bonnie wants Annalise dead. With their rocky relationship, can you blame her? She’s also no stranger to murder. We’ve seen her go a little dark side when she placed a plastic bag over a woman’s head to suffocate her…and did it WITHOUT being told to by Annalise. This shoes she’s definitely capable of unpredictability. With Annalise having betrayed Bonnie’s trust and sharing her secret with Asher, Bonnie could definitely be seeking revenge. Her currently being MIA is also suspicious. Added with the fact that she took Wes’ gun, she’s looking like a top contender.

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Laurel Castillo

While Laurel started out as a shy, quiet and seemingly innocent girl, she has since broken out of that shell quite a bit. Her attraction to Frank is a clear sign that she is attracted to the dark and grit of life, at least on some level. There isn’t necessarily clear-cut motive, but it’s possible that her and Frank go into cahoots with each other. He’s definitely capable of convincing her to do something, and if Annalise threatens to expose any of Frank’s wrongdoings, would Laurel do something to protect him?

Wes Gibbins

Wes is the most obvious suspect and for good reason. For starters, we know he has a gun. Granted, Bonnie is now the last person seen with that gun, but could he manage to get it back? Also, throughout this season he’s been desperately trying to blame Annalise for a murder. That paired with the speculation that Wes is actually Annalise’s biological son, it’s not too out there to think that he might have found out and gotten over-emotional about it and reacted quickly.

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Nate Lahey

It’s also possible that Nate and Wes are working together. We’ve seen that Wes has gone to him before when he needed to find out if Annalise had anything to do with Rebecca going missing or dying. If Wes wanted to get to Annalise, Nate could definitely have played a part, given his own estranged relationship with her.

We’ll finally find out who is responsible for shooting Annalise in episode 9, “What Did We Do?,” airing Thursday, November 19. In the meantime, who do you think is the culprit? Sound off in the comments below!

How to Get Away With Murder season 2 airs Thursdays at 10pm on ABC.

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