The question that Reign fans should be asking tonight is: will we lose Francis? I’ll add a suggestion here. Let’s bring Francis back as Lord Darnley! And what “great price” (yeah, a Once Upon a Time reference) did Mary have to pay on Reign for Francis’ return from death? Will any of these questions be answered?

We open will Mary at her prayers. While she’s happy she has Francis with her, she really doesn’t have any concern for her mum’s death. It was a nice touch that costumers dressed her in the royal white for French mourning. I guess she doesn’t care about Scotland.

Mary’s Happiness

Mary sends a note to her uncle as Richard, English ambassador, arrives full of condolences from his Queen. That’s not all. He offers peace if Mary will do two things. Like that’s all Elizabeth wants, right? Granted, they are big. Lizzy wants all the troops gone from Scotland and Mary to renounce her claim on England’s throne. That’s something Mary sees as her just reward and Francis wants England too.

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Mary and Francis do sign the document declaring a true and renouncing the claim to England but we all know that treaties are made to be broken. Oh, but Elizabeth was smart. Mary had to sign first! Greer questions Mary’s decision as the coat of arms of England is lowered but Mary doesn’t seem concerned. I want to yell: “You’re a queen! Always worry!”

Catherine and Nostradamus and Visions

Catherine is surprised to see that Nostradamus has returned. Has he seen new visions of Francis and Charles? What new woes does he bring? Nostradamus does comes with a new warning for Catherine. It seems that Francis isn’t out of danger. Why do I see another death coming? I’m right! Nostradamus has seen new images around Francis which signal his death. What’s happening now Nosy? Is Francis finally going to become a zombie?

The vision seems innocent enough. It starts out in a beautiful setting in the woods but Nostradamus has seen Francis’ death here with blood from the sky. Catherine rushes to warn Francis but he won’t listen. He’s going away with Mary. As they get in the coach for the Louvre, Mary is given a gift of flowers. Now if this isn’t a omen, I don’t know what is. Of course, as Mary climbs in, the flowers lose their petals and Catherine goes into shock. Oh, why couldn’t Francis listen? Because he’s supposed to be dead maybe?

Francis’ Last Hurrah

As they travel to the Louvre, Mary decides that she and Francis needs a (wink-wink) break from travel.They stop and enjoy an almost “R” rated romp in the lake. (Shame on you two! This is an eight o’clock show!) As they celebrate being together, you just know something bad is about to happen. Mary leaves Francis long enough to go get lunch and gets grabbed by men intent on killing her. They drag her off but Francis has heard and goes to find her. Of course, a fight breaks out and Nostradamus’ prophecy is fulfilled. Francis dies saving his love’s life.

Bain is the lucky one to deliver the news to Catherine. She arrives on the scene and Mary won’t leave Francis’ side. For once, Catherine does good! She gets Mary to allow Francis to be taken from the field as a hero. Nostradamus looks up at the tree from his vision and knows that things are changing.

Mary doesn’t wait on returning to the castle. She storms into Ambassador Richard’s room and tells him that all deals are off. She rips up the treaty and tosses it in the fire. As she exits the room, she rips the banners down and screams. It’s war baby! Elizabeth did this and Mary’s going to take her down.

At the funeral, Francis’ sword and crown are placed on the casket for the trip to Paris. All is ready and Narcisse steps forward to salute the king he disliked. He has news for Marry. It wasn’t the English behind the attack but her own countrymen. Mary takes her revenge and orders the Scottish Protestant hung immediately. When they try to get her in the coach, she tells them that she is no longer Queen of France and will follow her husband. Catherine too has learned that her Nostradamus will no longer stay with her. He wishes her luck.

Two weeks later as Catherine mourns, Mary shows up in her room to return the crown. Mary is no longer queen and blames herself for Francis’ death. Catherine tells her that she isn’t to blame. Francis made his own choices and loved Mary dearly. One thing Catherine knows is that Mary is strong and will come through this. Later, Mary goes out in “their” boat. She has the usual trouble with the sails. Suddenly, as if by magic, all comes right and Mary feels Francis with her!

And the Only Subplot

In a subplot, Bain is trying to convince Delphine to stay. (So, she didn’t die while saving Francis.) Bain has been told by the man who tried to kill Delphine that they were bound together. (Can I see a show of hands of anyone who remembers a wedding?)¬† As the story progresses, she does try to cure Bain of his problem. Or is she trying to drown him? Guess one zombie isn’t enough. Oh, she let him up and he seems to have lost the demon inside him. Has he gained a personality though? Ah, that’s the question?

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As Bain and Delphine search for answers in the woods, they find a barn with a trap door inside. First rule of any mystery is: don’t open the door, Bain. Oh great, it looks like a murder trophy room with three hearts in it. They know someone will die as a mystery man enters but runs away. Of course, Bain finds fresh blood but no calling card. No, he’s left a dead body nearby. Delphine collapses. She can feel death (guess whose)!

Next Time on Reign

Mary packs her bags to leave but will her uncle give her the throne? Elizabeth isn’t happy when her ambassador returns.

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