Clone Club, yes, the wait for Orphan Black season 4 is hard. So, to help you make it until the spring, BuddyTV attended a press mingle over the summer to chat about what happened in season 3 and what’s still to come with the Orphan Black co-creators, John Fawcett and Graeme Manson.

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Watch the video interview with John Fawcett and Graeme Manson:

Here are the highlights:

  • When they saw how good the pairing of Helena and Donnie was together, they went for it. They wanted to bring Helena back from the prison and “normalize” her, and what better way to do that than to stick her in the suburbs with Alison and Donnie?
  • “Bringing him back around was always our plan,” Manson said of the “very contentious” Paul. They’d promised Dylan Bruce that if he died, he’d go out like a champ.
  • Fawcett thought it was important to build Paul’s character in a way that when it was his time to go, “we understood his motivations for what he’d been doing.”
  • Originally, Krystal was supposed to die and was only going to be seen in that security footage in episode 301. However, Tatiana Maslany improvised the character and her voice, and they knew they had to use her.  
  • Krystal allowed them to explore the idea of meeting a new clone and deciding not to tell her the truth for her own good, which is why Sarah told Felix not to tell her.
  • That is something that carries into Orphan Black season 4, Fawcett teased. Do they tell her or not? “Do we give her the red pill or do we give her the blue pill?”
  • They have an “elastic” end point and an endgame in mind. If they decide they reach that point next season or the season after, they can figure out a way to reboot.
  • It was always the plan to set Neolution up “lightly-ish” in season 1 and then circle back to it. Rachel’s eye and Dr. Nealon’s worm are ways of introducing a level of biotech they’re interested in exploring.
  • It was planned for season 3 to end with “a feeling of resolution,” Fawcett said, as opposed to what they’ve done before, though there were cliffhanger elements. They wanted the feeling of “closing a chapter.”
  • Season 4 returns to “the mystery and rabbit hole feel” as seen through Sarah’s eyes. There’s a new enemy to fight and there’s a lot of discovery Sarah has to go through.

Orphan Black will be back for season 4 on BBC America in spring 2016.

(Image courtesy of BBC America; Video: Meredith Jacobs)

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