And we’re back with The Voice‘s next batch of results. There will be three eliminations tonight, and eight will go down to five. Right now, we’ve got Ryan Sill, Craig Wayne Boyd, DaNica Shirey, Damien, Chris Jamison, Luke Wade, Taylor John Williams and Matt McAndrew. Plus, there’ll be another Instant Save on The Voice tonight. America will have five minutes to vote on who they want to save. Who do you think will be eliminated? I’m really hoping DaNica stays, but I don’t have high hopes. I just have a soft spot for her. I think we can all agree that at least Matt will be safe, though.

Voice alum RaeLynn will also be coming by The Voice to perform her single “God Made Girls.” She was on the second season of The Voice and was on Team Blake. I haven’t heard her single yet, but it’s cool that they’re bringing an old artist back.

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Christina Grimmie Performs “With Love”

Christina Grimmie is also coming back to perform on The Voice. She was a finalist on Team Adam last season. She’s performing her song “With Love.” She, of course, has a beautiful voice. Adam seems so happy and proud of her. And she gets a huge reaction from the crowd. She also talks to Carson for a while. She’s been performing and writing since the show and she’s going on tour in Europe in January. It’s all very exciting.

First Result

And now it’s time for the first results. Before giving the results, though, Carson talks about what a big night they had on iTunes. Then they finally get to the results.

Result: Matt McAndrew from Team Adam is safe!

We all saw that coming. Right? Still, it’s very exciting.

Checking In with the Coaches

Carson checks in with the coaches. Adam said last night that big challenges lead to big rewards. Will his other artists get those rewards too? He says that at this point you keep fighting regardless of if you’re on the bottom or the top.

Gwen’s very proud of her artists. Taylor’s the rebel and is teaching Gwen at this point, and Ryan tries really hard and his voice just blows her away.

Pharrell got his star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame this week, which is awesome. He did not do his hat print, though, which he totally should have done. He talks about all the people who inspired him to get that star. He loves that Luke and DaNica are both so different and know who they are.

Blake was tough on Craig last night. The pressure is on now. He talks about how you have to change the coaching style week after week, but Craig rises to the occasion.

Next Results

And we’re up to the next results. Big pause for suspense.

Result: Damien from Team Adam is safe!

That’s two in a row from Team Adam! He should be feeling pretty good right about now.

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RaeLynn Performs “God Made Girls”

Before we get back to more results, RaeLynn comes back to perform “God Made Girls.” I like her swing, but I’m not sure how much I like the song. Blake seems into it, though. RaeLynn thanks country radio and talks about meeting all of her fans. She actually wrote “God Made Girls.” It’s hard to get a dominant female song in country, but RaeLynn’s killing it. Blake talks about how important RaeLynn’s been both in his life and for country music.

Next Results

We’ve got one more artist to save. And big pause for suspense.

Result: Taylor John Williams from Team Gwen is safe!

Wow! I’m so happy that he’s safe. I wasn’t sure if he’d be safe tonight, but I’m so glad he is. Gwen looks so happy.

Last Saved Result

And we’re up to the last saved result. This is so stressful.

Result: Craig Wayne Boyd from Team Blake is safe!

Blake seems so happy. Pharrell’s the only one who doesn’t have anyone now. Before the performances, Carson checks in with Blake. Blake admits he was holding his breath on that one. Now he has nothing at risk. He’s both surprised and not surprised by the results. Everyone’s super talented and they’re the best group of artists on any talent show.

DaNica Shirey Performs “I’d Rather Go Blind”

DaNica Shirey’s the first up. She performs “I’d Rather Go Blind” in an attempt to get the Instant Save. I really don’t want to see her go home tonight. I just love her voice so much and she is really different like Pharrell said.

Pharrell says that everyone felt her performance and says to go with what you felt. She has a bright future and he’s going to be involved.

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Luke Wade Performs “Stand By Me”

Luke, also from Team Pharrell, is up next. He says his performance is a thank you to all of his fans, which is a nice touch. There’s no denying how talented he is and he gives an amazing performance.

Pharrell loved his performance and he says the exact same thing he said to DaNica. Everyone saw, heard and felt his performance, and he and DaNica are both amazing. He’s really talented and everyone deserves to hear the music inside him.

Ryan Sill Performs “Heaven”

Ryan gives a beautiful performance of “Heaven.” “Seen a lot of you here,” Carson says. He keeps getting saved. Can he go three for three? Gwen says that he keeps getting saved because he’s so good. His voice is just so effortless. I agree. He gave an amazing performance.

Chris Jamison Performs “Georgia On My Mind”

Chris is the last one to perform before the Instant Save. He absolutely kills it at the end.

Adam is so pleased. He talks about how hard Chris has worked on the show and it’s so true. He works so hard and puts everything into it. “He was not in the top four, but Chris Jamison is in the top five,” Adam says. I have a feeling that Adam’s right on this one. Let’s find out.

Instant Save Results

Before saying the results, Carson checks in with Blake, who doesn’t have anyone at risk. He doesn’t know who’s going to be picked. It’s a terrible situation. “It’d be cool to have a girl still in the competition,” Blake says. But Ryan always comes through. He really has no clue. I’m going with Chris.

And the Instant Save goes to Chris Jamison!

Result: Chris Jamison from Team Adam is safe!

That’s not at all surprising. He gave an amazing performance. So DaNica, Luke and Ryan are eliminated, and Matt, Damien, Taylor, Craig and Chris are moving on to the semifinals.

The Voice airs Mondays and Tuesdays at 8pm on NBC.

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