Last week on Hell’s Kitchen, we lost Aaron, but was that a big loss? Previews seem to imply that Bryant plans to take out his entire team. Would Ramsay allow this? You know he has to know what Bryant plans. It would mean black jackets and the series ending before Christmas. So this week’s Hell’s Kitchen may have guests wishing for something to be thankful for.

Aftermath in Dorms

The teams return to the Hell’s Kitchen dorms but Aaron is the subject of all discussions. His disrespect of Ramsay at least has the chefs united and not divided. The Blue Team has a bonding moment but Fernando seems to know that the challenge will be the blind taste test.

The Team Challenge

Ramsay announces the traditional Hell’s Kitchen Blind Taste Test to the chefs outside. Their success will affect their teammates this year with a dunking booth. If the team is correct on an answer, the team stays dry. If they get three wrong, they will get one team member wet. The fourth wrong answer means they get dunked again. Hey, Chef Ramsay, can we dunk them all several times until they learn to cook?

First up (in the dunking booth) are Bryant and LaTasha. Roe and Santos do the first ingredient tasting and Bryant isn’t confident on Santos’s choices. While Santos sends Bryant into the water twice, Roe does score one point. Roe and Santos are in the tank for Fernando and Sterling. Fernando does dunk Santos twice, but Roe survives with Sterling giving the Red Team the lead with two correct guesses. Sterling knows more than his old Blue Team though. Both Jennifer and Sade are next with Sade finally scoring for the Blue Team. Jennifer and Sade hope for the best and Sade comes out ahead by not going into the water. Who would have known that Bryant has a good palate? Bryant ties the score.

Ramsay sends them to sudden death with one person from each team tasting again. The Blue Team sends Bryant (of course) while the Red Team finally decides to send Roe. Roe isn’t that good, folks! It should have been Sterling. Just as I suspected, Bryant freezes during sudden death on the first ingredient.

The Red Team will be having fun on the Santa Monica Pier with lunch at The Lobster. Meanwhile, the Blue Team must clean the dorms and Bryant is mad. While Roe enjoys the rides, Jennifer looks a little sick. The Red Team gets seafood. The Blue Team argues over how Santos cleans the floors.

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Ramsay’s Surprise

Just as the Red Team returns, Ramsay calls them downstairs for a meeting in his office. Ramsay has decided to close Hell’s Kitchen to the public for a unique VIP dinner for distinguished firefighters (what, no breakfast). These firefighters have received the highest honor possible and deserve the best.

The guests will be served a five-course gourmet meal. Each kitchen will cook for a table of twelve. Each chef must lead one course and tell the guests about the dish. Dishes must go out at the same time. Do I see problems ahead? Oh yes!

Each kitchen will serve one course at the same time. I’m scared as they can’t seem to get it right when it’s a normal service. Fernando and Roe get the risotto dish and expect the dishes to be in perfect synch. Red Team immediately has problems with the scallops. The Blue Team doesn’t have enough food for all diners. Wait, each team seems to be two dishes short but manage to get the food out at the same time.

Next up is Jennifer and Santos with seared tuna. Bryant isn’t happy with what he has been assigned and is arguing over the amount of work he has to do. Jennifer seems calm but Sterling seems lonely. When Ramsay points this out, Jennifer gives Sterling his orders. Ramsay gets annoyed with Santos’ description of the dish. Jennifer takes too long to get the meal up to the hot plate.

Sade and Sterling have the salmon entrée. Sterling gets called out for trying the dish. Does anyone taste the dish on the Blue side? Because the salmon is overcooked. James is asked about whether there is more salmon. Could Hell’s Kitchen have run out of food? James does have salmon in the back. Both dishes go out.

Bryant and LaTasha must complete the service. Bryant says he can handle pressure but I wonder. LaTasha is leading but Bryant is issuing orders and has no communication. As the last dish goes out, Ramsay has them shut the kitchens down. Ramsay is not happy with the service. Each team must nominate two for elimination.


Upstairs, the Red Team chooses Sterling but can’t decide who else. The Blue Team has issues with each other and Fernando is very vocal about it. Bryant is watching everything and not saying anything.

Downstairs, Ramsay tells the teams he’s disappointed. Jennifer tells Ramsay that the nominees are Roe and Sterling for the Red Team. Bryant nominates Fernando and Santos for the Blue Team. All step forward and are given the opportunity to defend their choices. It’s the usual list of explanations. Ramsay decides that Sterling and Roe will remain there (after scaring them). Santos also stays. Fernando is out. Ramsay issues a challenge for the next service and sends them to the dorms.

Next Week on Hell’s Kitchen

Does Ramsay play favorites and does the Red Team try to get even? Does a chef get sick at service? We shall see.

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