We are down to the final five teams on The Amazing Race as the competitors hope to out-race the other teams and win the cool one million dollar prize. I have really liked this season so far, but I will admit that I am surprised that a couple of the teams have made it to this point.

Last time, Brooke plotted to convince the other teams to double U-turn the cyclists Kym and Alli because the cyclists like to hang out away from the other teams. Oh, the horror! I don’t feel that this rises to the level of deserving a double U-turn, but Brooke obviously really dislikes the other team. Sadly, Tim and Te Jay were the last team to arrive and were eliminated from The Amazing Race. So who will take the lead in this leg? Let’s find out!

Off to Singapore

“You’re Taking My Tan Off” kicks off in Malta with Bethany and Adam, who won the previous leg of the race, getting the next clue. Teams are headed to Singapore, and will take a ferry after landing and then run for a mile into the jungle and find a marked coconut stand to get the next clue. The double U-turn is also ahead, and Bethany and Adam are reluctantly going along with the plan to U-turn Kym and Alli.

Although tickets have been booked to Paris, racers can use that flight and then go from Paris to Singapore, or else find another flight. Bethany and Adam book a flight from Paris to Singapore, and Jim and Misti take the same flight. Jim is happy that Bethany and Adam have done all the research for them. When Kym and Alli arrive, they book a flight from Rome to Singapore which will arrive earlier.

There is a new rule this season that teams cannot change flights once they are booked. Jim is less than pleased, and the Paris-to-Singapore group leaves the travel agency, which inspires the cyclists to dance in celebration. Kym and Alli tell Amy and Maya about their flight, and the candy scientists gratefully accept their help. Robbie and Brooke also take the same flight, and Brooke is sad that her plan to U-turn the cyclists might fail.

A Risky Decision

At the coconut stand, duos must drink a fresh coconut to receive the clue. Teams may head to the Wave House on Sintosa Island for a Fast Forward. There is a Flowrider, which is like a surfing ride. Any team that can ride it for two minutes will win the Fast Forward. Nobody on the teams wants to risk being U-turned, so they decide to skip the Flowrider. Kym and Alli change their minds and decide to tackle the challenge because they have a lead on the dentists and the surfers. On the way there, Alli starts to doubt their decision.

The other teams head off to the Marina Bay Sands Hotel to search for the next clue box. Misti and Jim and Bethany and Adam also decline to try the Fast Forward. When the married surfers read about the surfing challenge, they are disappointed that they didn’t do it. Jim, in his charming and manipulative way, asks if they are going to go for it after all. They decide to go for the Fast Forward.

Walk the Line

The clue at the hotel is a Roadblock. One team member must walk across a tightrope 600 feet above the ground from one tower of the hotel to the other, and return with their next clue. Yikes! Maya embraces the task and relishes the view, while Brooke secretly wishes that Maya would fall. Brooke must be competing with Jim for the ‘villain of the season’ title or something.

Maya makes it back across, and next teams are off to Center Square Raffles Place to find the clue box. It is a Detour: “China Cups” or “Chili Crabs.” In “China Cups,” teams must get a detox massage that includes glass cups and fire. That sounds like the opposite of relaxation. For “Chili Crabs” teams must crack open crabs that have been smothered in chili sauce and collect two pounds of crab meat. Maya and Amy are heading off to try the cups challenge when Brooke and Robbie arrive and ask for directions to the clue box. The other duo gives them a vague direction, and Brooke and Robbie feel slighted by the other team. Watch out, you do not want to land on Brooke’s bad list. Brooke and Robbie pass the man handing out the clues and never even notice him.

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Cup of Pain

Maya and Amy initially enjoy the massages until the masseuses start getting very physical and cause the racers to yell in pain. Brooke and Robbie find the other team’s reaction laughable as they beg for mercy and cry. The exfoliation part looks horrible, and I’m sure that I would scream too. Once Robbie and Brooke hit that part of the process, they are also screaming. The teams do accomplish some business and decide to U-turn Bethany and Adam and Kym and Alli.

Meanwhile, Jim tackles the tightrope and actually slips and falls off. Misti watches in horror as her husband dangles high above the ground. He is pulled back to the starting point and begins again.

Riding the Wave

Kym and Alli reach the Wave House first and try to channel their inner surfers, but have a tough time finding their balance. They manage to stay on for a minute, but seem to panic when they see Bethany and Adam arrive. The surfers wipe out on their first round, and Kym and Alli give it another try but fail. Bethany and Adam succeed on their next try, leaving a disappointed Kym and Alli. They get into a bit of an argument because Alli didn’t want to try the Fast Forward at all. Bethany and Adam get the location of the Pit Stop: The Fullerton Pavilion.

A Plan Falls Apart

Maya and Amy survive the detox and speed off to Fort Canning Park to locate the next clue. It is the Double U-turn, and they U-turn Adam and Bethany. Teams must now search for one of five MerLion statues, which have a fish’s body and lion’s head that are within the city since one location has the next clue.

When Brooke and Robbie arrive, they decline to U-turn anyone. What? I am confused. So are Maya and Amy when they meet up at the first location and find out that the wrestlers neglected to U-turn the cyclists. Maya and Amy tell the wrestlers that they have to go back and U-turn Kym and Alli. The other duo lies and says that they will. Brooke and Robbie find the clue at the Mount Faber Park MerLion. When they are leaving, Amy and Maya ask them if they found the clue, and Brooke says no. The food scientists drive on without checking the location because Maya believes them.

Boiling Hot Challenge

Misti and Jim head to the crab restaurant, where they are treated to boiling hot crabs to pick apart. Again, whoever thinks up these challenges is evil! Musicians also crash cymbals together right behind them. Jim puts his whistle in his mouth and joins in the music. That is probably the one time that I really liked Jim this season. Jim and Misti also choose to not U-turn to anyone since they believe that Adam and Bethany are in last place anyway.

Kym and Alli head off to the torture chamber, I mean detox center, to get their massages. After that, they head to Mount Faber Park, thinking that other teams would have checked closer locations first. After Maya and Amy check all the other locations, they realize that they have been lied to and head back to Mount Faber Park.

The Pit Stop

Bethany and Adam are, of course, the first to reach the mat and win first place. The couple also wins a trip to Bali. Congratulations, Adam and Bethany! Brooke and Robbie claim second place, and Misti and Jim come in third. Since they didn’t use the save, Jim is taking it home for a souvenir.

The Last to Arrive…

Kym and Alli are the last team to reach Phil, and have been eliminated from The Amazing Race.

The Amazing Race airs Friday at 8 pm on CBS.

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