Last week, everyone was feeling bad for Kenya after Apollo’s confession that Kenya never came on to him.

But will the ladies now offer up actual apologies to Kenya in this week’s episode, “Burying the Ratchet,” or will she remain the friendless outcast of The Real Housewives of Atlanta?

No Playin’ in Kandi Land

Kandi and Todd discuss how nothing is getting done in Kandi Land. Lots of projects in limbo, lots of work unfinished. 

The crack team of Don Juan, Carmon and Johnnie are too busy taking Instagram selfies to help build Kandi’s empire. This needs to stop.

Carmon suggests deadlines. Yes, deadlines would be good, Carmon. Thanks.

Kandi wants to know why the idea of her teaching songwriting classes never came to fruition. No one has a good answer for her (or any answer, really), as they sit there silently cursing Todd for marrying Kandi and trying to now manage her business affairs.

Later, Don Juan comes to Kandi and wants to have a closed door private meeting. He whines about being bombarded at the previous meeting (which he wasn’t) and tells Kandi that it’s not fair that Todd was giving input when he isn’t the one signing the checks.

Don Juan also says that he can take constructive criticism when it’s warranted. Clearly.

“I need Don Juan to check his ego at the door,” says Kandi in her confessional. Or just fire him. Get someone who will do his job without crying about it like a little girl.

Don Juan’s meeting probably doesn’t have the outcome he wanted, because he gets called in for a meeting with Todd. The conversation immediately gets heated.

Todd tries to get his point across that his beef is with Don Juan’s team, not really with Don Juan. Also, Todd would like to see Kandi working with Obama. Dream big. Get on that, Team Kandi!

Claudia Tries, Tries and Tries Again with Porsha

Claudia finds working on The Rickey Smiley Show “liberating” because she is finally being judged on her fascinating opinions instead of her looks.

Coincidentally, Porsha is shooting a television show right down the hallway from Claudia. Claudia tries to establish herself as a casual workplace buddy that stops by to say “Hey girl” while you’re getting your makeup done, but Porsha isn’t having it.

It’s okay, Claudia. The “B” Team will have you. Claudia meets up with Cynthia and Kenya for some shoe shopping, which turns out to be an odd choice for an outing.

Cynthia doesn’t have a pedicure and refuses to show her feet, but just for today. Claudia, on the other hand, says that her feet will never see the light of day. They are just too deformed and ugly.

I would hope that there is now a paparazzi mission starting to somehow get a picture of Claudia Jordan’s feet. “Operation Cla-Jo-Toe,” perhaps? How bad could they really be?!

Cynthia tells Kenya and Claudia about her confrontation with Porsha. Claudia responds that she is having her own issues with Porsha being rude at the workplace. Kenya advises Cynthia to just be her sweet self and try again with Porsha.

Bless her heart; Claudia knows that the way to stay on a Real Housewives show is to stay in the middle of the drama. So, of course, she asks Porsha to lunch and attempts to facilitate a reconciliation between Porsha and Kenya.

Step One is to test the waters and see if Porsha is even up to talking with Kenya. After a brief discussion over lunch, Claudia seems to get Porsha’s blatantly loud and clear message: there is no way in hell she will even discuss Kenya, let alone meet with her.

The Robot Read

Kandi, NeNe and Porsha take Phaedra for a spa day to help her forget about the fact that her husband is headed to jail and lied to her for two years about Kenya hitting on him.

Porsha tells the ladies about the meeting with Cynthia and how she started off with a “robot read.” In our second weekly vocabulary lesson from Porsha, we learn that a robot read is just listing all the things that your husband told you to say.

The conversation turns to Kenya and how NeNe doesn’t like her either. In fact, NeNe says that she thinks Apollo was lying about not seeing Kenya in Los Angeles. So she will use that to justify still hating Kenya, as will Phaedra.

So is Apollo a full-fledged cast member now? He gets his own confessionals and his own scenes (because Phaedra clearly won’t film with him). I guess it’s good that he’s able to make some money to pay back what he owes.

He meets Peter for a drink in the middle of the day. (Winners, these two!) Apollo tells Peter that he’s been staying away from Phaedra and the kids. Peter wonders if this is the wisest approach.

Apollo is confused because Phaedra fell in love with him the first time he was fresh out of prison. He claims (although I find this hard to believe) that she used to visit him when he was living in the projects, sleeping on an air mattress with an ankle monitor on.

So … Have Things Changed?

Kandi meets Kenya for a workout. Well, a gossip session with a half-hearted workout on the side.

Kandi tells Kenya that she’s sorry for not believing her over Apollo. Kandi also tells Kenya that Phaedra and NeNe still don’t believe her. 

This upsets Kenya and possibly the rest of the exercise class because the previously full room mysteriously clears out while Kenya starts the waterworks. 

Kandi follows Kenya to the restroom where she goes off on a rant about how NeNe and Phaedra are evil. 

“I cannot win with these women,” says Kenya in her confessional. “They want me to fail. They want me to be painted as this crazy, horrible person. Why?”

Maybe we will find out next week when Kandi orchestrates a dinner with all the ladies?

The Real Housewives of Atlanta airs Sunday nights at 8pm on Bravo.

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Lindsay Podolak

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