Last week on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, the original cast members ate Fat Burgers and danced at Kyle’s annual White Party (aka the most popular party in the 90210, like, ever). After Lisa and the rest of the ladies ignored Brandi most of the night, Brandi managed to convince Adrienne to have coffee with her to resolve their differences. So let’s see if Brandi can actually handle something like an adult in this week’s episode, “Who Stalked J.R.?”

Moving Time

Kim visits Brandi at her new house to help her unpack. And by unpack, I mean they ogle as college-aged boys move in Brandi’s furniture. As of now, Brandi’s relationship with J.R. is complicated. It sounds like he cheated on her but they’re still seeing each other casually.

Kim asks her what happened with Adrienne. Brandi says she didn’t want any drama, but she wanted to clear the air. Kim is proud of how much growing Brandi has done within the last few years. These two are quite the pair.

Lisa Vanderpump has her shirt designer over to design some custom shirts that run up to $995 apiece. She doesn’t have that much time to shop, so this is one luxury she couldn’t live without. She’s also dyed one of her Pomeranians (not Giggy!) pink. So that’s what’s new in the Vanderpump/Todd household.

She tells Ken that she went to the White Party to have fun, even though initially she didn’t want to see any of those ladies ever again. She thinks friendship is based on loyalty, and once that’s gone, what’s left? She says that she appreciates that Kyle and Yolanda reached out, but she’s going to remember what they’re capable of. As for Brandi, she’s seen who she truly is and it’s that simple. While I love Lisa, I really hope her pity party doesn’t last much longer than the next few episodes.

Kyle and Mauricio are getting ready to take their family on a trip to Lake Tahoe. She humble brags about Mauricio’s private plane, all the while doing her carefully crafted act of being afraid of flying. She’s “worried” that Portia will grow up more spoiled than her older daughters who had to suffer road trips in the family SUV without the privilege of a private plane.

She tells Mauricio that she noticed how awkward it was between Brandi and Lisa at the White Party and she could tell Brandi felt out of place. But it looks like she abandoned Team Brandi as fast as rats abandon a sinking ship after she got wind of public opinion. She also may be smarter than I’m giving her credit for for not wanting to cross Lisa Vanderpump. Anyway, it was kind of nasty of her not to make more of an effort with Brandi at the party after being “so close” with her last season.

Diamonds and Disguises

Lisa Rinna meets with her agent, Nick. He’s her new agent, and he’s 25 and works night and day to get her jobs. Lisa is not too proud to say no to any jobs. She did a Depends commercial a few years ago that she got paid more for that than any other job in her life. She says she’d do anything to make a buck.

Now that Lisa doesn’t have any good friends left in the group, she goes diamond shopping with Mohamed’s fiance, Shiva. God, they are both stupid rich. Lisa has her eye on a pink sapphire that costs over $200,000. She likes Shiva because she understands her sense of humor and doesn’t misconstrue things she jokes about regarding some of the other ladies.

Yolanda surprises David by cooking him dinner in black lingerie. She’s been sick for so long that she kind of lost her sexy, but she’s feeling better and wants to show it to her husband. They have a sweet dinner on their balcony. She talks about how sad she is that her daughter Bella is moving out soon too, and she wishes David could be there for that but he’ll be in Shanghai.

Brandi meets Kim again, this time at Kim’s place. Brandi says she spent some time with one of the movers, Jake Ryan, the 23-year-old mover (not to be confused with Jake Ryan from Sixteen Candles). Kim is a little freaked out considering she has a 23-year-old child.

Brandi’s still trying to get over J.R., who apparently has a new girlfriend. Kim gets the idea to dress up in disguises and stalk him so Brandi can see him with his new girlfriend and get over him. I’m not sure what kind of logic this is, but it makes for a kooky scene as the two hide in the bushes and behind a curtain to eventually catch him “doing nothing with no one.” But Brandi thinks she’s over him now. She says she has more important and much younger things to think about now.

Yolanda and Kim go horseback riding after Yolanda manages to squeeze into her white riding pants. They’re a little small, but Yolanda would rather be healthy than skinny at this point in her life. She’s glad to be spending more time with Kim; even though they’ve had bumps in the road, she’s always wanted to act like a big sister to her. She says that Kim is a beautiful cream cake with lots of layers and at the core is a good person. I’m appreciating all of the Kim-love in this episode.

Clearing the Air

Brandi goes to meet Adrienne for lunch. She says to Adrienne that she’s sorry for everything, she regrets what she said and she never had any intention of hurting her family. She says she was friends with Lisa at the time and she took some of her issues with Adrienne on herself. She says she has a temper and it’s the worst thing about her, and she wishes she didn’t have it. So all in all, a pretty sincere apology.

Adrienne accepts her apology and assures her that she doesn’t hate her, though in her confessional she says Brandi should leave Lisa out of it and take accountability for her own actions. Adrienne says she welcomes her apology, she appreciates it and she’s glad to have some closure.

Brandi is proud of herself for handling things like a grown lady, but she’s also proud of Adrienne. She recognizes the forgiveness and strength that come from her. She says if Adrienne can forgive her for something so big, Lisa should be able to forgive her for something so minuscule. I suppose minuscule is in the eye of the beholder.¬†


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