In the second episode of The Vampire Diaries‘ third season, it’s all about the werewolves. Klaus finds his pack to create an army of hybrids, but it doesn’t go as he’d hoped. Meanwhile, Elena, Alaric and Damon go on a quest to find the werewolf pack Stefan is with, but that too goes horribly wrong. In other bad news, Tyler’s mom finds out about her son’s werewolf condition and Caroline gets an unexpected visit from her dad, who isn’t too thrilled with the idea that his daughter is a vampire.

Elena, Alaric and Damon: Stefan Hunters

With some help from Sheriff Forbes and Tyler, Elena tracks Stefan to the Smoky Mountains and enlists Alaric to go with her since Damon isn’t willing to help. The two head to the woods to find a camp of werewolves because that’s where they think Stefan and Klaus are. I can’t decide what’s a worse idea: hunting down Klaus or searching for him by tracking werewolves on a full moon.

They stumble upon Ray the werevamp and tie him up, but the fact that he starts to turn into a wolf while the sun is still up is a bad sign. They try to run but Ray the Wolf catches up, so Damon leads him away while Alaric and Elena flee, giving Stefan time to show up to kill Ray (for good this time) and once again tell Damon that he’s never coming back. Damon gets it, but as he correctly points out, those late night phone calls to Elena are sending mixed signals and that girl is too darn stubborn to ever give up so long as there’s even a sliver of hope.

At the end of the night, Elena, Alaric and Damon leave without Stefan, but Elena is more determined than ever because she’s the patron saint of lost causes, as exhibited by her encouraging Alaric to move back into the Gilbert house. He also decides to keep John Gilbert’s immortality ring, so I’m predicting that Alaric will die at least three times this season.

Finally, Damon gets Elena to confess that she cares about him, letting her know that he will get Stefan back, but he just wants to make sure she remembers how she feels about Damon once that happens.

Klaus and Stefan: Werewolf Hunters

With help from Ray they find a camp full of werewolves and proceed to kill them all after feeding them some vampire blood so they’ll all come back as Klaus’ werevamp hybrid army. It would be a good plan, but all of the hybrids come back a little wrong and Ray bites Stefan. Eventually all the werevamps die or get killed because they’re rabid, and Klaus accidentally stumbles on the answer (though he doesn’t realize it). The transformations aren’t working because the doppelganger (Elena) isn’t really dead like he thinks she is.

Jeremy and Matt: Ghost Hunters

Stoned Matt didn’t really believe Jeremy when he said he saw Vicki, but Jeremy doesn’t let it go and forces Matt to believe him and help with a seance since it works better with a family member. I’m still loving these two together, but I kind of wish they smoked Vicki’s bong to help contact her.

Later they succeed in making contact, and Ghost Vicki drops a huge bombshell: she can come back! But one second later Ghost Anna arrives to tell Jeremy not to trust Vicki. Even in the afterlife Jeremy’s exes are fighting over him.

Carol and Bill: Vampire Hunters

Tyler’s mom calls in a Council member named Bill to help her deal with the Caroline situation. Luckily she doesn’t have to do the same with her own son, but she does test Tyler by slipping vervain into his coffee, something he eventually notices.

That leads to a totally awesome confrontation where Tyler and his mom come clean about vampires and Caroline being, but Tyler is slightly surprised to find out his mom doesn’t know about werewolves. That changes when Tyler forces his mom to watch his transformation. Things get creepy the next morning when he wakes up naked with his mom locked in a cage watching, but she promises to keep Caroline safe.

Unfortunately, Bill doesn’t agree, which is a bit surprising since he’s revealed to be Caroline’s gay dad. Even though that was spoiled for me, it’s still a great twist that makes for a great storyline. I do find it odd, however, that Jack C0oleman, best known as the bad-ass HRG from Heroes, is now being typecast as gay between this and his role as Angela’s closeted state senator fiancee on The Office.

Next week on The Vampire Diaries: Stefan flashes back to his time in the 1920s. Maybe he’ll run into Nucky Thompson on the Jersey boardwalk.

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