Stolen guns, secrets revealed, double crossings, a suspenseful vote, a car chase across Charming – this week, Sons of Anarchy pretty much ran down the bullet points of everything fans love about the show and tried to wrap it up nicely. A little stale but kick-ass nonetheless. Let’s look at the main developments this episode.

Alpha Males

Clay teases Bobby about making him President of the MC once big papa has to step down. He also lets on that Jax wants out. Bobby is the only viable option besides the two but je opposes the drug deal with the Cartel. How will alliances shift? As far as the other central alpha male, albeit a dead one, is concerned, Gemma is concerned that those letters from John Teller that found their way back from Belfast to Charming last season might disrupt the family. In one of her famously oblique monologues she pretty much tells Tara to burn the letters and forget about them.

Stolen Guns

Some guns are stolen from the Sons in a rather silly scene. The problem? The weapons were already sold to the cartel. Delivery is expected in two days. The local crime queen is believed to have bought the guns, except she denies everything. But as always, creator Kust Sutter has a twist up his sleeve. Her moron sons bought the guns as a “surprise gift” for their mom. Isn’t that sweet? In the grand scheme of this episode this particular plot felt like a lot of filler for no good reason.

Sheriff Secrets

So the new Sheriff’s obligatory dark secret seems to be that he and his wife have problems reproducing. How will this be exploited by the club later in the season? We know it will in some fashion since the local hospital has been a steady generator of plot contrivances from season 1. Unser, who discovers this information, guards the secret but one can ony assume that it will resurface at a convenient time.

Biracial Juice

The other surprise of the night: Juice Is half black! With some bit of leverage the club now potentially has over the Sheriff he has now leverage over Juice. Because, as he cleverly inquires, “what would the club do if they found out that you’re half black?” Judging from the look on Juice’s face this is no case of WWJD so we must assume that Clay’s repeated assurance the he has “no problem with color” only applies to outside members.

Angry Indians

The Indians selling ammo to the club are real bad-asses and kill their enemies by sticking them into a mud hole and dumping flesh eating ants all over them. Other than that? Since Clay charges the Mexicans 50% more for bullets, the Indians want a cut of that. “You’re pissing off the Gods”, Bobby warns him. “I don’t give a shit about the Gods”, Clay retorts. And proceeds to straight out lie about the fact that they’re overcharging the Mexicans for the ammo. Add to that Clay’s fabulous idea to run drugs for the Cartel and we’re in for a bumpy ride, I reckon. Case in point: his very physical argument with Gemma over the drug business.

So what did you think about the voting procedures at the end of the episode? Is the club divided beyond repair? How far will Clay go to shut off opposition? And how much is Jax considering to stay in the lifestyle instead of building a middleclass life for him and his family?

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