On this week’s episode of Ringer, Bridget has to deal with that pesky little dead body that is still lying in her loft, while at the same time keeping her story as Siobhan intact and planning a party! Let’s get started.

Lay Low for a Little Bit

Since you’re probably wanted for murder. Last we saw sweet identity thief Bridget, she had shot a guy in her loft. We pick up right where we left up with Bridget doing what all AA members do in a time of crisis: calling her sponsor Malcolm. He doesn’t pick up (which he is apparently incapable of, more on that later) so she leaves a message detailing how she killed a guy.

Realizing that it probably isn’t the best idea to leave audio evidence of a murder, she smartly decides to delete the message. I wish my friends had voicemail systems that would give me the option of deleting messages — it would probably save me a lot of embarrassment later, but I digress. After leaving the message she tries dragging the body all over the loft, leaving a nice big smear of blood. Gemma shows up. She goes on and on about her husband Harry’s infidelity, and Bridget is all like, “Whatever lady, I got bigger problems on my hands.”

Back to the Scene of the Crime

And boy does she have more problems. On top of the dead body she has to now get rid of, she also has a temperamental teen to deal with at home. Apparently Juliet, daughter of Andrew, was out partying all night and has a hangover from getting high. I’m guessing that means she was doing something harder than marijuana because you can’t get a hangover from that … or so I read somewhere.

After dealing with that situation, Bridget then goes back to the loft to clean up her mess and then thinks about going all Dexter on this guy with a power drill and cleaning the place with Bax Bleach, which was picked three to one in cleaning up murder scenes. Knowing that she would have no idea how to do this she chooses otherwise.

Malcolm finally calls her back and she tells him about how she shot a guy and needs help. He tells her to go back home, and she says that she can’t. They finally come to an agreement to meet up, and that’s when Super Detective Victor shows up at the front door. Bridget gives him the 5 D’s (dodge, dip, duck, dive and dodge) and gets out of there.

It’s All About the Benjamins

To help fund her great escape, Bridget packs a day bag and Siobhan’s ATM card and goes to the bank. After trying and failing at guessing the PIN she is forced to go to the teller and ask for money. The banker asks for an ID and then gets the manager. But fear not Team Bridget, it’s only because Siobhan is super rich and only deals with the manager during transactions and not the little people that run the teller’s desk.

She empties out Siobhan’s emergency fund and grabs a cab. Before she can get far Andrew calls and reminds her of that little cocktail party she was planning. Not only is there a party, but it has to be moved to Murder Loft. Bridget tries to fight it, but the workers are already there. Like all contractors when faced with a body shaped canvas bag, they simply move it to the corner which allows her to later stuff it in a trunk.

Party Time!

At the cocktail party, Bridget has a run-in with lover Harry who tells her about the fallout from Gemma finding a hotel key in his jacket. She affirms that they are done and tries to keep an eye on the trunk that now holds a dead body, which still magically doesn’t smell of death and decay, but is still bleeding out to the floor. Bridget tries to clean the mess when Victor shows up again demanding to talk. He tries to get her to admit to something terrible, possibly about a building fire in her loft, before she tries to kick him out, but she needs a distraction first.

Gemma starts beating up a lady thinking she’s Harry’s lover, and Bridget uses that as a good segue to get Victor out. Andrew and his Succubus partner start to make a toast and make a plea for money when a phone starts ringing. Not just any phone, but the one that is in the trunk with the dead body. Bridget gets it, saying that it was probably a construction workers, and in comes a man who called that number looking all mean and menacing.

Home Sweet Home

After the party Andrew begins opening up towards Bridget, saying that she is acting like the old Siobhan (who he calls Shiv, which sounds like a gang member on the south side of Chicago) again. They then go to bed, and when Andrew is asleep Bridget slinks out of bed and grabs her stuff to hit the road.

Before she can get to the door she hears Juliet throwing up. She asks what’s wrong and Juliet tells her that a girl gave her a pill and now she feels terrible. Bridget comforts her and Juliet then asks her to stay. Bridget is sucked into staying as Siobhan for a little bit longer. Meanwhile in Paris, Real Siobhan tries to withdrawal her emergency fund only to find it empty. She makes a phone call to someone saying that Bridget is “ruining everything!” just like the episode title hinted.

Oh, and went Bridget went to dispose of that body? You guessed it — GONE.

All in all it looks like the show is starting to pick up and moving in the right direction. No cheesy green screens helped that, as well as a better script. Next week will bring everyone trying to find out what was on the murdered baddie’s phone!

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