Castle kicked off its fourth season this week with a flurry of new revelations (Beckett knows about Castle’s three little words!) and a bigger flurry of new questions (who’s that Smith guy?) And yet there’s a part of me that yearns for the fun times of season 3 — you know, when all that happened between Castle and Beckett were teasing, and Alexis was just a little girl…

Well, the Castle season 3 DVD has just hit stores (you can buy it here, like, now!) and it contains, apart from all episodes of the past season, bonus clips and deleted scenes. More on that later. First, let’s talk to Castle, Beckett and Alexis — well, Nathan Fillion, Stana Katic and Molly Quinn — about what we can expect in the fourth season!

Nathan Fillion on why a Castle/Beckett relationship is unfamiliar territory:

Kate Beckett’s an authority figure, but Castle has never had an authority figure in his life. She’s an expert and, in a lot of ways, she’s smarter than he is. He’s not used to that. He really likes this woman, and yet there are all these complications. He doesn’t quite know how to tiptoe around, and he pushes too hard in areas where he ought to leave them alone.

Stana Katic on how Beckett deals with relationships:

I understand that she is a girl who doesn’t want to break up something that’s really great. She doesn’t want to break up a great friendship and a great working relationship. I think any girl in Beckett’s situation would probably make the same choice.

Molly Quinn on her similarities to Alexis Castle:

I would love to say that I’m like Alexis in that [I never seem to get in trouble], and I guess I am a bit — but I’m not totally like Alexis. One reason Alexis doesn’t rebel and do all these things is because she’s worried to death about her dad. He really scares her, especially right now when he’s involved in all these crazy murder cases.

Nathan Fillion on Castle’s relationship with Martha and Alexis:

I think one of the really neat things about Castle is that he’s not very macho. He’s not very swagger manly. He’s more boyish than anything as he’s never had an opportunity to grow up. At one point I remember — and this was one of those wonderful times when we could collaborate with the writers — Castle was apologizing to Alexis for blowing on something, and I came up with the lines saying, “Be patient with me. Be forgiving. I’ve never been a dad to a teenage daughter before.” And I think that part of Castle’s truth is that he doesn’t know what he’s doing. He’s just doing the best he can, but he has a good heart.

Stana Katic on what she liked about Kate Beckett:

I like the way that Kate is imperfectly perfect. She doesn’t always make the right choices, but she will try to. When she doesn’t make the right choice, for whatever reason, she wants to get it right in the end … I like it when a person fails by accident, but they then try to step up to the plate in order to try and fix things. Kate always tries to do better. She always tries to improve.

Molly Quinn on being a role model to other teens:

I try to be a good example for girls my age because I know how difficult it is. There are so many distractions, like boys and parties, and it’s really difficult to compartmentalize what you want to do whilst having fun at the same time. I try to find a healthy balance. It’s tough, but I think I’ve got there now.

Yes, I promised deleted scenes! You’ll find this and more on the Castle season 3 DVD, again out in stores. Watch out for the second clip — it must be awkward for Castle having to explain those things to Papa Beckett.

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