We’re one week away from the Terra Nova┬ápremiere — it’s next Monday! — and all this time we’ve been showing you behind-the-scenes clips involving all the costumes and the sets and the dinosaurs. And while the idea of making a whole new world from scratch (well, from dinosaur scratch) is amazing, keep in mind that this show is about the humans. To be exact, the Shannon family.
In case you’ve forgotten that this isn’t about the colony but about a family trying to make a new start in live in Terra Nova, you better watch this clip:

Human element, family staying together… sounds schmaltzy? Maybe, but there will be guns involved!

The other clip Fox has released brings us back to the production aspect of Terra Nova: this time it’s all about the weapons that the main characters will carry around. Of course, if you’re someone like Commander Taylor, who starts a settlement in a place surrounded by potentially deadly dinosaurs, you need all the defenses you can afford.

And if you’re worried that the Shannons are going to be patsies, well, they can shoot at the dinosaurs. Even the young ones!

Expect more Terra Nova┬ávideos in the coming days as the premiere — it’s on September 26 — nears. It’s on Fox, of course.

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(Image courtesy of Fox)

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Henrik Batallones

Staff Writer, BuddyTV