In this episode of The Real Housewives of Orange County, “A Storm is Coming,” Vicki visits Briana in Oklahoma and the two bump heads, Meghan faces some tough decisions about her own health, Tamra remains determined to be a good Christian, and Terry and Heather embark on another new business venture.

The women are still in a tizzy over “Cancer Gate.” The day after Tamra’s “sex” tape party, the girls are still gabbing about the ugly fight that went down between Meghan and Vicki. Even Vicki’s staunchest supporter, Shannon, thinks Vicki went too far when she attacked Meghan and Jim’s marriage. Vicki loves to roll around in the mud; maybe that’s why she got the moniker of Miss Piggy.

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The “C” Word

Meghan is learning the hard way that Vicki is a hypocrite. The OG of the OC has always held everyone to a different standard than she holds herself. No, Meghan isn’t allowed to have an opinion about anything, while Vicki can sit in judgement over every aspect of the newest (and loveliest) OC housewife.

As if we haven’t been bombarded by the topic of cancer this season, maybe the “C” in OC should be changed to cancer because now Meghan has a mystery lump. She found it during her monthly self-check, and breast cancer runs rampant through her family.

We’re not left in suspense for long because Meghan’s doctor determines that she is fine. But the scare causes Meghan to get the breast cancer gene test (BRCA). In a few weeks, Meghan may be faced with the decision as to whether or not she might want or need to take preemptive surgical measures.

Oklahoma Not OK

Vicki has left the scene of the crime and headed to Oklahoma to see Briana, Ryan and her grandchildren. Vicki finds herself literally in the eye of a storm, a tornado. Because nobody in their right mind would want to be stuck in a tiny shelter with Vicki, the family takes their chances and heads downtown for a steak dinner, figuring they’re safer among the tall buildings than out in the burbs, and they might as well celebrate Briana’s birthday too.

Briana may have thought Oklahoma was a great way to put some distance between herself and her smothering mother, but life isn’t picture perfect in the Schooner state. Briana works two jobs, takes care of two kids and apparently has no support or friends or any kind of a social life. So there are worse things than having Vicki as a mother.

Brooks is still a hot-button issue between mother and daughter. Briana still hasn’t come around, and even though Briana would love to move back to the OC one day with her family, she refuses as long as Brooks is in the picture. Let’s hope the couple’s current break-up sticks.

The Father, the Son and Jesus Jugs

Tamra continues her quest to have her “Come to Jesus” moment. We’ve heard her speak about her desire to get baptized, which to me seems like a way to get attention. You can have a relationship with God or a higher power and not make a big effing spectacle of it. I have to question her motives, since this all comes when Tamra’s been bombarded with negative publicity about being a crap mother.

Tamra drags Eddie to meet with Pastor Mike, ’cause she’s looking for a church and a guy willing to dunk her in a pool to purge her of her sins. No more “Jesus Jugs” jokes. Even Tamra worries that she won’t follow a straight and narrow path, because she’s come to Pastor Mike to make sure that if she continues to be the Tamra we all know and love (and sometimes hate), will Jesus still love her? Let’s face it, Tamra is a fair-weather Christian on her best day.

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Mixing Business and Pleasure

The Dubrows need a way to pay for that ostentatious monstrosity of a house. So in addition to being a plastic surgeon and selling sparkling wine, the couple has decided to develop a skin care line. Why is it that I get to guest recap the episode with Jesus and breast cancer and business ventures?

The Dubrows put their money where their skin cream is; they’ve invested $1 million of their own money. Heather may want to scale back on the number of bathrooms and towel warmers in case this skin care line goes tits up.

Vicki and Briana Battle Over Brooks

Vicki escaped a tornado, but it hasn’t been a great visit. Ryan’s recovering from back surgery and Briana’s been sick as has Troy, Vicki’s eldest grandson. Briana gets a pick-me-up when Vicki surprises her daughter with a new SUV; actually, Briana gets to choose from three. She isn’t nearly as excited as she should be, and she’s actually embarrassed by the gesture.

Whatever goodwill Vicki was trying to garner by giving her daughter a car is short-lived. Briana and her family are planning a trip to the OC shortly, and while Vicki expects them to stay with her, Briana thinks a hotel might be better. Vicki says Brooks will be out of town, so there shouldn’t be a problem, but Briana still feels uncomfortable.

Vicki flips out and says she doesn’t want to discuss it on camera. Briana swears that she’s trying to be considerate by not kicking someone with cancer out of his bed, but Vicki is heated. We may not be able to see them, but mother and daughter are still wearing microphones, so we get to hear every word.

Briana doesn’t buy for one minute that Brooks needs to be out of town. She doesn’t see how someone with advanced cancer, who has been undergoing extensive chemo, can just be up and ready for travel. Briana feels she’s being more considerate taking her brood elsewhere and doesn’t appreciate Vicki making her look like an ass.

Vicki is irrationally crazed at the idea of her daughter and grandchildren staying in a hotel. Now Briana questions if the car was some sort of bribe, but SUV or no SUV, Briana has never faltered when it comes to Brooks. She doesn’t like the guy and can’t figure out why Vicki is so shocked and shaken that she isn’t pleased the guy is shacked up with Vicki in their family home.

Tamra’s True Confession

Tamra and Eddie go on a date night, during which Tamra, who already shelled out a healthy security deposit on a rental place for Ryan and his family, finally decides to tell Eddie that she wrote an $8,000 check without consulting him. Eddie is predictably pissed, and Tamra just doesn’t think it’s a big deal. To her, it’s not about the money; it’s about having her family close.

Eddie likes Ryan but isn’t blind to the guy’s faults. Eddie’s concerned that when Ryan can’t make rent, it’s going to fall on Tamra to bail him out. And Eddie makes it clear that if she does, that’s going to put a strain on their marriage. Tamra may have wanted to get her son closer, but she’s about to drive her husband off in the process.

Tamra solves the problem, albeit temporarily, by telling Eddie that Ryan will pay back the money, even though she knows that will never happen. That shuts up her hubby for now, but Tamra’s going to need to think of a Plan B pretty quick.

The Real Housewives of Orange County airs Mondays at 9pm on Bravo.

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