There are only six HGs left on Big Brother 17, with Johnny Mac and the entire Scamper Squad duking it out. With so few options left, the alliance is bound to turn on itself, so who’s on the block this week?

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Steve is the new HoH.

He nominated Austin and Liz.

Huzzah! Austin is FINALLY nominated for the first time all season and he’s next to his showmance, Liz. The AusTwins are in actual peril for the first time. Right after the ceremony, Liz was crying a lot, being comforted by Austin and Julia.

Steve, Johnny Mac and Vanessa are now a solid trio against the AusTwins and this was the best move because it leaves Julia, the weakest, off the block as a potential replacement nominee if either Austin or Liz wins the PoV.

Steve originally wanted to put up the twins, but Vanessa and Johnny Mac convinced him of why that was a bad idea because Austin is a stronger competitor and, if he won Veto, he’d save Liz.

In a bit of a twist, Johnny Mac is actually pushing Steve for Austin to be the target, which seems to be working even though Vanessa would rather keep him. John can see that, if Liz is gone, Vanessa will team up with Austin. John wants to take out Austin to ensure that Vanessa keeps going after the twins, which is insanely smart.

Steve and Johnny Mac are onto Vanessa’s “Mist,” which is the highest honor you can bestow on an HG since it’s Dan Gheesling’s signature move. They see through Vanessa’s B.S. and know how incredibly dangerous she is.

The worst-case scenario is obviously Julia winning the PoV and saving her sister. Vanessa claims she can convince Julia not to use it, which is ridiculous, but I’d love to watch her try. She already convinced Julia to make a deal with Steve not to use it, though that’s just silly and I don’t believe it for a second.

Needless to say, Austin and the twins have spent a lot of time complaining about how unfair it is, how Steve is a loser nerd and how much they hate that stupid Johnny Mac is safe. Occasionally they acknowledge that this is clearly the best move for Steve, but they’re still mean, bitter and whine about how none of them will vote for Steve at the end.


-Austin is nominated for the first time on Day 79. That’s the second-latest ever, behind season 16 winner Derrick Levasseur who made it all the way to the finale (Day 97) without being nominated. In season 3, Danielle Reyes made it to Day 77 (when she lost the second part of the final HoH) and Jason Guy made it to Day 78 (the finale) without before their first nomination.

-Vanessa is now the only person left who hasn’t seen her photo appear on the Memory Wall during a nomination ceremony. Technically Julia hasn’t either, but she was in the house pretending to be Liz during the week 5 nomination ceremony when Liz was put on the block, so that was kind of like she was nominated.

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