There are only two more Power of Veto competitions left after this week on Big Brother 17 and for the first time all season, everyone left in the game gets to play. At this point, winning competitions is the most important part of the game and the only way to ensure your safety, so who won the latest PoV?

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Steve is the new HoH. He nominated Austin and Liz.

Austin won the Power of Veto!

Well, this is certainly the most interesting, emotionally. Austin will probably save himself, resulting in Julia being the replacement nominee, thus leaving the twins on the block next to each other. Or will Austin consider saving his girlfriend Liz, knowing Julia would still be the replacement nominee and he would get evicted? Probably not.

The only question left is whether John and Vanessa will take out Liz, the better competitor, or Julia. The odds seem to heavily favor Liz getting evicted since she’s the bigger threat, but that could easily change.

The competition involved picking people to compete in bowling while wearing tutus and there’s a lot of drama regarding who picked who. It sounds like it came down to Austin and Julia and he didn’t throw it to her and then gloated about his win, which rubbed people the wrong way. It was hosted by Jessie Godderz, aka Mr. Pectacular.

Vanessa is trying very hard to turn Julia against Austin, setting him up as everyone’s target next week. It seems to be working because she thinks Liz is going to be evicted and she’s setting herself up to fill that void in Julia’s game. However, if could backfire as Austin is trying to get close to Johnny Mac, convincing him that they should keep Liz to go after Vanessa. And it may work as, right after the competition, Johnny Mac talked to Steve about maybe evicting Julia.

The competition and the fallout are sure to create plenty of drama and new feuds, with Vanessa, Austin and the twins turning on each other, which is great for Steve and John. Of course Austin is also telling Vanessa it’s all just for show and he still wants to work with her while Liz is telling Julia that she’s not as into Austin as she used to be anymore.


-With this win, everyone in the house has won at least one PoV competition. And since James also won two, it means everyone who finished in the Top 7 won a PoV. This is the first time that’s ever happened. In fact, it’s the first time everyone in the Top 6 has won a PoV.

-This is John’s 10th Power of Veto competition. Only 10 other people have ever played in that many PoV comps in a single season, including Caleb and Victoria last year.

-John has also played in a total of 23 HoH and PoV competitions this season. The only other people to play in that many comps are season 15’s Spencer Clawson and season 16’s Cody, Caleb and Victoria.

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