Austin and the twins have been protected for the entirety of Big Brother 17. The double eviction took place on Day 78 and at that point Austin had never been nominated, Liz only spent a few hours on the block before winning a BoB and Julia was finally facing her first eviction as a pawn.

But now that we’re down to the Final 6, there are no more free rides for the AusTwins and the rest of the house is finally going after the three-headed monster. Better late than never.

After the Double Eviction

Vanessa and Steve are ecstatic that James, the only person who was coming after them, is gone. Johnny Mac is also happy that the twins were dumb enough to keep him even though he’s going after them. Steve echoes that sentiment, calling the AusTwins idiots for keeping John.

Meanwhile, Austin is freaking out because he doesn’t want to nominate anyone in his alliance, so Vanessa convinces him to throw the HoH. Steve, Vanessa and Johnny Mac are less freaked out because they’re all on board with declaring war on the AusTwins. Liz hilariously thinks Steve and Vanessa would both target John.

The HoH Competition

It’s a baseball-themed competition where the HGs are shown faces of all HGs except one. When they figure out who’s missing, they must build a puzzle of that person. The last person to finish in each round is out.

Round 1: Steve, Julia and John buzz in first. Austin is next and Vanessa is out because she forgot about three pieces.

Round 2: John and Julia buzz in first. Steve finally gets is and Austin is out.

Round 3: Steve is first with his smart strategy of building the puzzle on the table first. John gets it right, so Julia is out.

Round 4: It’s down to Steve and Johnny Mac. John is done with his puzzle first, but he wants to throw it to his pal Steve so he can play next week. He leaves one piece off and just hangs out until Steve is done.

Steve is the new HoH!

Vanessa loves that Steve will get the AusTwins blood on his hands. Liz foolishly thinks Steve will stay loyal to the Scamper Squad and take out John. Austin, however, is smart enough to realize that he and the twins are a bigger threat to Steve’s endgame.

Steve’s Decision

Vanessa tells the twins she doesn’t think Steve will nominate John. They are shocked. Austin is open to the idea of Steve taking out Julia, promising to make sure Liz won’t come after him next week. Steve doesn’t believe a single word coming out of Austin’s mouth, nor should he.

Austin tells Liz that Steve won’t put him up, but he might nominate the twins. Liz and Julia are offended because they’re idiots and think that Liz never putting up Steve means he won’t nominate her. They really have no idea how this game works.

Steve initially wants to nominate the twins, but Vanessa explains to him why leaving the weakest member of the AusTwins (Julia) off the block is the smartest move. She’s right because if the AusTwin who’s not nominated wins the Power of Veto, it’s a disaster because all three could be safe and Steve would need to nominate Vanessa or John.

When John talks to Steve, he points out that they should take out Austin instead of a twin because Vanessa is more likely to work with him and it will be easier to go against the twins.

Sigmund and Freud

When Steve mentions loving his mommy, but not in a weird, Sigmund Freud way, the twins are confused. They think he’s referring to the magicians in Las Vegas Siegfried and Roy who were attacked by a tiger. The expression on Austin and Steve’s faces as they listen to this is priceless. Yes, Austin, you are poorly kissing a woman who is THAT stupid.

The Nominations

Before the nomination ceremony, Steve gives Austin a heads up that he might be going up against Liz. He claims he just doesn’t want to be a bad guy and put up the twins against each other. He adds that he has the votes to keep Austin safe, but he doesn’t explicitly say that Liz is the target. In the diary room, Austin is actually OK with Liz going over him.

Indeed, Steve nominates Austin and Liz. He says that he likes them as people, but he needs to do what’s best for his game. Liz starts crying and runs away to her bed before Steve’s speech is even over.

Liz feels betrayed because she and her sister have been so nice to Steve. Yes, but so have Austin, Vanessa and Johnny Mac. Also, smart people don’t play this game personally. But since Liz always nominates the two people she hates the most (or likes the least), she can’t understand that.

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