All the petty drama going on with the ladies of The Real Housewives of Orange County must really seem small to Vicki, especially after learning about the death of her mother. But the ladies do pull together in support of their friend in this episode, “Full Circle.” And at least there’s some good news on the way for Tamra, in the form of a grandbaby.

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Vicki’s Grief

Tamra is getting ready for the birth of her granddaughter. She’s gone absolutely bananas buying all sorts of baby clothes. Her mom helps her pack since she’s making the trip to Northern California to be there for the birth. She feels guilty that she’s missing Vicki’s mother’s funeral, but Vicki understands. Tamra feels like she has to keep her family close, especially now, and let them know how much she loves them while she still has them.

Meghan takes her step-daughter, Hayley, to do paddle board yoga. Meghan likes doing things with her because it not only strengthens their bond, but it helps Hayley’s mother while she’s being treated for cancer. Meghan tells Hayley about Vicki’s mom and it broke her heart because Vicki got a whole life with her mom and Hayley could possibly lose hers by the time she’s 17.

Heather and Lizzie meet for lunch, and Heather fills her in on what happened to Vicki. She says it was so hard to hear Vicki in so much pain, but it’s good that Vicki has such a big family to support one another.

Vicki is still (understandably) distraught as she packs for the funeral. Poor Vicki can’t even bring Brooks with her because of her family’s disapproval of him. Tamra and Eddie come by to see her off, though. Vicki is glad to see them. Tamra does what she can for Vicki, including offering to do anything she can to help her or Brooks in their time of need.

Shannon and David have a rough night at home. (Do they have any other kind?) David throws Shannon under the bus in front of their kids when he tells them he had a bad day because she’s been mad at him all day. Shannon isn’t thrilled that he brought that up in front of the girls, especially because she wasn’t mad at him for the reason he said.

Apparently, she’d asked David to make a list of all the places he went to with his mistress so she can avoid those places. And, of course, like every other time they talk about his affair, it just brings up feelings of hurt and betrayal. Yet she insists on bringing it up over and over again. And she also insists upon staying with him, which might also be a mistake.

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New Grandma

Tamra and her mom go with Ryan and Sarah, and Sarah’s three daughters, to the hospital. Baby Ava is born perfectly healthy, and Tamra says she’s already been changed forever now that she’s a grandma. She’s so proud of her oldest son and she hopes that now that he’s a father he’ll understand her more.

Back in the OC, Meghan and Hayley’s mom, LeAnn, get a suite for Hayley and her friends to get ready for their winter formal. Hayley gets mad at her mom for leaving her dress at home, but Meghan tries to diffuse the situation as best she can. Hayley gives everyone major attitude, which irritates Meghan. She thinks she should savor these moments she has with her mom as well as be a little more grateful to the great life she has.

Vicki is back from Chicago and she’s still trying to figure out how to function. Shannon comes to visit and brings her homeopathic remedies for grief, which is very sweet of her. Vicki is still struggling with her mother’s sudden departure. She asks Shannon if she should see a medium (well, the word she uses is “median,” much to Shannon’s annoyance) or if that would be frowned upon by her Christian faith. Shannon thinks that if it’s something that will give her peace, then she should go ahead and do it.

Tamra doesn’t want to leave Ryan or her new grandbaby. While at times she’s felt like a failure as a mother because some of Ryan’s bad choices, now she feels like she’s raised a good kid. He wants to move back to Orange County to be closer to his family. Tamra says that if she has to help Ryan out financially to make it happen, she’s willing to do that — despite not having talked about it with Eddie yet.

Next time, Vicki talks to that “median” to find out about her mom’s last days.

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