The depressing second week of Big Brother 17 continues. While Becky and almost the entire house would prefer Audrey to get backdoored, Shelli and Clay are hellbent on sending Da’Vonne home. And since the power couple is in charge, they can do whatever they want.

Besides Shelli and Clay forcing everyone into doing something they don’t want to do, there’s also the Power of Veto competition and Austin comes up with a lie that actually works out.

After the Battle of the Block

Shelli and Clay are thrilled that John threw the competition and treat him like a loveable puppy dog, which he just goes along with. Da’Vonne knows he threw it and she has a bit of a meltdown because she thinks everyone is plotting against her. But dethroned Becky still naively believes Audrey will get backdoored.

Audrey eavesdrops on Jason, James and Meg talking about backdooring Audrey. They foolishly believe Shelli won’t betray them and take out Da’Vonne. In the DR, Audrey calls Da’Vonne “Mama Demon,” which is so mean and bitchy. Clay makes sure Audrey will work with him and Shelli and never turn on them, promising her that Da’Vonne is the target. She agrees, but doesn’t mean it at all.

Twin Twist

Liz and Julia switch places and debrief about what happened. It turns out Liz loves Da’Vonne.  They are so ditzy and out of it.

The Power of Veto Competition

Clay, Steve and Meg get picked to play with Shelli, Da’Vonne and John. Da’Vonne is terrible at hiding her emotions and her belief that everyone is against her.

Two people will compete head-to-head and go through two identical rooms to find out which one of seven items is missing and then retrieve it. Whoever is right (or if the other person is wrong) wins and picks two others to go next. This is bad for Da’Vonne because it’s a competition where people can gang up against others.

John vs. Da’Vonne: John wins and Da’Vonne is eliminated. Well, that sucks.

Steve vs. Clay: Clay wins and Steve is eliminated. He doesn’t care.

Meg vs. Shelli: Meg wants to throw it because she feels safe, but Shelli gets it wrong and loses, so Meg wins.

John vs. Meg: John wins right away, which Meg is totally OK with.

Clay vs. John: Once again, John wins right away.

John wins the Power of Veto!

People should be a little more worried that John isn’t some dummy because he did extremely well in that competition.
The Replacement Nominee Scramble

Clay is so insane that he thinks he and Shelli can convince John not to use the PoV on himself. Clay is acting like he’s the HoH, making this entire situation about doing what’s best for him. The only reason Shelli wants Da’Vonne gone is because Da’Vonne is coming after her man.

Shelli and Clay tell Becky about their plan to get rid of Da’Vonne instead. She’s so innocent that she just goes along with it so everyone can take out Audrey next week. I’m so annoyed by this idea that “Everyone else can do what the house wants, but I’m gonna do what I want.”

Vanessa is the next to find out about the plan to take out Da’Vonne. She thinks Shelli needs to put up a girl. John walks in and they ask him not to use the PoV on himself. In a hilarious bit of editing, the show switches between Clay’s campaign and John in the DR saying “HELL NO!” to this idea. Clay is so stupid when it comes to this game aand it makes me furious that the only reason he was cast was because he looks good with his shirt off.

Shelli then considers putting Liz up as a replacement nominee and Liz blankly agrees to it. Liz cries and Austin and Becky promise to keep her because Da’Vonne is so bad, untrustworthy and playing everyone in the house. I truly don’t understand how or why everyone suddenly thinks Da’Vonne is the monster when all of those words more accurately describe Audrey. Is Kathy Griffin’s BB Takeover twist that this is Opposite Week?

Austin Lies to Save Liz

Austin is annoyed with Meg laughing at 5am, so he concocts a lie about James, Jason, Jeff and Meg flipping against Clay and Shelli. He gets Vanessa to believe it and spread it to Shelli. Shelli and Clay completely believe this because they are gullible dolts who, for some reason, lend credence to whatever Audrey, Austin and Vanessa have to say.

This gets Shelli to consider putting Meg up instead of Liz. However, Clay has a bit of a spat with Audrey when he calls her out about being untrustworthy and she accuses him of being condescending. He’s sick and tired of her making stuff up and trying to put words in his mouth, which makes him go back to Shell to tell her about it. The show tries to make it look like they’re considering abandoning their plans and might get rid of Audrey, but the train has pretty much left the station on evicting Da’Vonne and if they try to stop it, they’ll get hit in the face like Becky. ZING!

The Power of Veto Ceremony

John uses the Power of Veto to save himself. Meg is the replacement nominee. Shelli gets all emotional and acts like she feels really, really bad about this. If she felt so badly, she could’ve put up Audrey and made everyone happy.

Meg knows Da’Vonne has no chance. Da’Vonne isn’t giving up and is going to fight to stay.

Tune in to Big Brother 17 Thursday at 9pppm on CBS for the second eviction and a new HoH competition.

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