Just when it seemed like all of the ladies of The Real Housewives of Orange County were ready to start accepting Brooks, or at least supporting Vicki’s (bad) choice to date him, one psychic had to go and assert that he was lying about cancer. And it looks like things are going to get worse before they get any better in this episode, “Fire Signs.”

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Meghan Investigates

At the start of this episode, Heather and Meghan meet for lunch. Meghan tells Heather all about the party Hayley threw at her mom’s house while she and Jim were on vacation. She had 200 people over and trashed the place. When Leanne tried to punish her, she couldn’t stick to it. Meghan tells Heather how frustrating it is to not have any authority over Hayley, especially when she sees how she needs more structure in her life.

Shannon stops by later and it doesn’t take long for the subject to turn to Brooks. Shannon doesn’t know if Vicki’s bringing Brooks to her Year of the Ram party, because he’d said he didn’t want to attend any events where Megan was also there.

Meghan reveals that she’s done more digging into the case of Brooks’ cancer. She says she called his doctor (who he insisted was giving him an alternative treatment to chemotherapy) and the doctor’s office recommended an oncologist, since that doctor didn’t do cancer treatments. The ladies all agree that it’s very suspicious. Shannon says she doesn’t know why Brooks hasn’t taken advantage of the strings she pulled to get him an appointment with one of the country’s most renowned oncologists. Heather says it might not be their business anymore and the best idea is to probably drop it.

Blind Date

Tamra’s mom, Sandy, is newly single, so Tamra’s setting her up on a blind date. She’s worried that her mom is dressing a little too hoochie, but I think she looks adorable. Get it, Sandy.

Tamra and Ryan go to the restaurant with Sandy to make sure everything is on the up-and-up. While Sandy and Marty are getting acquainted, Tamra talks to Ryan about his financial situation. Ryan says that Eddie can think of her financial aid as a loan if he wants to, but at the end of the day it’s between mother and son because they’re the ones who are family.

Ryan also expresses his hesitation to get married to Sarah. He’s taken on a lot with her three daughters and now his own daughter. Tamra suggests that he go to counseling or start going to church, but Ryan doesn’t seem too open to either idea.

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Year of the Ram

Shannon’s getting ready for her party and she’s worried about the weird position she’d be in if Cancer Gate comes up again. She tells David that she just wishes Vicki and Brooks would do something to put the rumors to rest.

Meghan tells Jim before the party, and then the ladies at the party, that she did a little bit of research on Brooks on the Internet. She says she found a blog written by his ex that said he had faked cancer in the past. She got the ex’s contact information and even texted her. Jim thinks she’s crazy and that she needs to let it go. Yeah, I hate to say it, but Jim is probably right. Meghan is going in way too deep on this one.

Shannon’s Aries party is beautiful; she’s completely transformed the backyard. There’s even a dragon in the pool and Aries-tinis. Because who doesn’t love a themed drink?

Shannon tells all of the ladies how weird she feels about Cancer Gate. Even Heather, who says she’s always been a fan of Vicki and Brooks, thinks that the facts just aren’t adding up. She says that the doctor that he was talking about was someone Terry knew because he claimed to have a cure for cellulite, not cancer. Tamra, on the other hand, is trying to process everything; she’s just trying to take a backseat and be neutral.

In the limo on the way over, Vicki and Brooks are stewing over Meghan. Apparently, Brooks’ ex not only told him that Meghan had contacted her but forwarded all of their messages to him. Brooks thinks it’s insane that someone would go to such lengths to try to discredit him. Vicki’s tired of this argument. She says that Brooks has cancer, end of story. She just wants to go tonight and have a nice time and ignore Meghan. Sounds like a solid plan. I’m sure everything will be drama free.

When Brooks and Vicki arrive, it’s hard for Heather to pretend like they all haven’t just been talking about them. She removes herself from the situation while Shannon greets them and tries to put a band-aid on things.

The band-aid doesn’t stop the bleeding for long. Brooks and Vicki are feeling awkward, so Brooks thinks it’s a good idea to pull Jim and Meghan aside to hash things out. Brooks asks Meghan what her motivations are for spreading the rumor that he doesn’t have cancer and contacting people from his past. He thinks that it’s crossing a line (it is) and that it’s insane (it is). Meghan says she’s not the only one asking questions, and she maintains that she’s still only worked-up about this because she wants to help people with cancer. She also says in her confessional that she doesn’t want people watching this show and thinking that Brooks’ ideas of alternative cancer treatments are actually legitimate.

Vicki reminds Brooks that they don’t owe Meghan any explanations. Jim does play the dutiful husband for a hot second when he says that Meghan had the best intentions all along. Meghan also wants to know why Vicki and Brooks attacked their marriage. Brooks said he never attacked their marriage, but that’s not what Meghan heard from Tamra. Brooks tells Meghan that she should consider her source.

Of course, Meghan wastes no time pulling Tamra aside to tell her exactly what Brooks said. And that’s all it takes to send Tamra on the warpath. Jim sees what Meghan’s done and he tells her that she needs to stop. I can’t believe I’m agreeing with Jim again. Meghan is stirring that pot a little too hard.

Tamra confronts Brooks right away, who she’s obviously caught off guard. He dances around the issue, but after Tamra tells him to give her a straight answer for once in his life, he cops to saying, “Consider the source.” Vicki tells Tamra to stop acting like a fool. She asks her whose side she is on. Tamra says she can’t believe that Brooks said something so rude and negative about her and, until now, she was on Vicki’s side.

Next time, Cancer Gate continues and a cameo from The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Lisa Rinna!

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