It was a busy Friday for the five remaining Big Brother 17 HGs. The live feeds were taken down for almost 16 hours and when they returned, viewers could piece together what was happening inside (and outside) the house.

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Vanessa is the new HoH and Liz won the Luxury trip outside of the house.

Liz got to leave the house for the day and take one other HG with her. She chose Vanessa as she promised to take whoever won the HoH competition. It seems Liz and Vanessa got to hang out with Frankie Grande and attend an Ariana Grande concert in L.A. When the feeds finally returned, Liz mentioned getting to talk to Frankie and how they had to wear disguises.. Vanessa also said they got drunk during the event. I’m not sure if that qualifies as a “once-in-a-lifetime experience” like Julie Chen said, though I can’t imagine anyone wanting to do it twice.

When Mr. Pectacular showed up I joked about the show trying to make fans hate this season and now it’s confirmed. Bringing back Frankie for a special luxury prize? Much like Battle of the Block, he’s one of those HGs that the producers seem to think is a “fan favorite” even though, in reality, he’s one of the most hated HGs of all-time. And now we’ll have to be subjected to seeing more of him on the show this week.

Also, the nomination ceremony took place and, as I previously wrote about, Vanessa nominated John and Steve. The nomination ceremony took place late at night after Liz and Vanessa returned from their trip. Johnny Mac knows he’s the target and the Power of Veto has yet to take place.

In a bit of a twist, Johnny Mac made an offer to Austin and Liz that he might throw the Power of Veto if they will break their word to Vanessa and keep him over Steve. It’s a mind-boggling strategy, one he said he’d sleep on. Austin seemed more intrigued by the offer than Liz, but he’s mostly just confused by such a bizarre and insane offer. Liz seems to think it’s a bogus offer in case he loses PoV and he can say he threw it. At the very least, it’s made Austin more wary of keeping Steve, because that benefits Vanessa more than him.

As always, Austin and Liz IMMEDIATELY told Vanessa about John’s offer. She obviously liked the idea of him throwing it since him winning it is her worst-case scenario as she’s promised Steve, Austin and Liz safety this week..


-This is John’s eighth nomination. The only people who’ve been nominated more times are season 15’s Spencer Clawson at nine and season 16’s Victoria Rafaeli at 10.
-This is Steve’s fifth nomination. Only 20 other people have ever been nominated that many times, including John and James this season.

-Steve is the ninth different person Vanessa has nominated this season, following James, John, Jeff, Clay, Becky, Jason, Meg and Julia. No one has ever nominated that many different HGs.

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