It’s down to five HGs on Big Brother 17 and at this point, the nominations are almost less important than who wins the Power of Veto. Nonetheless, two people are still on the block and must fight to stay, so who will the new nominees be?

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Vanessa is the new HoH and Liz won the Luxury trip outside of the house.

The nomination ceremony hasn’t happened yet, but the live feeds are down all day on Friday, starting at 9:45am and not coming back until 11:30pm. It’s unclear why the feeds are being paused, but it might have to do with Liz’s trip outside of the house. Odds are by the time the feeds are back, the nomination ceremony will be over and Liz will be back from her trip.

However, based on Vanessa’s conversations, she’s almost certainly going to nominate John and Steve. Yes, she’s picking Liztinm staying loyal to the people she’s been working with since the beginning.

Her target is Johnny Mac for much the same reason she wanted Meg and Julia gone, to ensure that there are no Victoria-style floaters who others would take to the end over her. She’s betting on the fact that either her or Steve will win the Final 4 Power of Veto, thus ensuring that they both go to the Final 3 with either Austin or Liz. In that scenario, everyone would take her to the end.

There’s some merit in her decision, though it’s definitely frustrating to see her willingly take a showmance to the Final 4 with her. Assuming Austin and Liz would actually take Vanessa to the Final 3 with them over Steve, the only way Vanessa gets evicted in fourth place is if Steve wins HoH and Austin or Liz win the PoV. Of course if she’s in the Final 3 with Liztin, she has to win the last HoH or she’s gone in third place.

When the feeds return, hopefully we’ll have a better idea of what Liz’s luxury trip was and where everyone stands in the game. For now, Johnny Mac is in a situation where he has to win or get evicted. Vanessa has told Steve she wouldn’t evict him if John wins the PoV, but she could just be lying. She may claim to play with integrity, but she’s definitely screwed over a lot of people who trusted her.

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