Big Brother 17 is heading into overdrive. By Wednesday night, two more HGs will be evicted. But before we get to the rapid-fire Final 4 HoH and PoV, we still need to find out who will be evicted in fifth place, following in the footsteps of Frankie Grande.

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Vanessa is the new HoH. She nominated Steve and John. John won the Power of Veto.

He saved himself. Austin is the replacement nominee.

Yes, seven weeks after promising to backdoor Austin and then not doing it, now Vanessa has done it. Austin is facing eviction for the first time all season, but that doesn’t necessarily mean he’s a dead man walking.

Vanessa spent a lot of time figuring out what to do, setting up a series of Skittles and other candies in the HoH room that made John Nash look sane. She seemed to settle on keeping Steve and getting rid of Austin, expertly convincing Liz and Austin to be OK with him being the replacement nominee.

But in a surprise twist, Johnny Mac has told Austin and Liz that he will vote with them and evict Steve. He also tried to convince Vanessa of the reason for keeping Liztin, claiming it’s easier to beat them in competitions.

If Johnny Mac goes through with evicting Steve, it would be a mind-boggling betrayal and a head-scratching move. He seems to want to get some blood on his hands, even if it’s Steve’s. As of now, Vanessa is trying to help Steve craft an argument to convince John to keep him. Meanwhile, Austin and everyone else is just in awe of Johnny Mac’s “Taxi Driver”-style insane and unpredictable game play that makes absolutely no sense to them.

If the show keeps the regular schedule, the feeds will be shut down Monday morning as the Final 5 eviction will be pre-taped Monday afternoon, to be aired Tuesday at 8pm. The feeds will be down until after Tuesday’s episode, with the Final 4 HoH taking place Monday night and the Final 4 PoV taking place Tuesday afternoon. Then Wednesday’s eviction will be live, ending with the start of the first part of the final HoH.


-John is only the sixth person to ever have the Power of Veto used on him three times. The others were season 4’s Alison Irwin, season 6’s James Rhine, season 7’s Janelle Pierzina, season 8’s Jen Johnson and season 15’s McCrae Olson.

-Austin is the 10th person Vanessa has put on the block this season. The only people she didn’t nominate are Jace, Da’Vonne, Audrey, Shelli, Jackie and Liz.

-This is the first time Austin will face an eviction vote. He is the 21st person to reach the Top 5 without facing a vote.

-Austin also survived 13 evictions without ever facing a vote. The only other people to do this are season 15’s McCrae and season 16’s Derrick Levasseur and Frankie Grande.

-This will be the 10th time John will cast a vote for eviction (and if there’s a tie, it will also be Vanessa’s 10th vote). Only 11 other people have ever voted that many times, including Steve and Austin this year.

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