Do you want to see Austin and Liz survive another week? Do you want to see the return of Frankie Grande? Well, too bad, because Big Brother 17 has both of those things in this episode anyway.

Yes, Vanessa is in charge for the fourth time this season and, as always, her target’s name starts with the letter “J” (following Jeff, Jason and James). And everyone’s least favorite social media mogul returns for a “luxury trip.” Are the producers under the delusion that Frankie is a reward instead of a punishment? Or are they just using reverse reverse reverse reverse reverse psychology to make us think Austin isn’t so bad?

The HoH Competition

Austin, John, Vanessa and Liz are under the rainbow navigating eggs across mesh wire. Liz drops eggs like it’s her job. Austin takes an early lead, but Vanessa and John are close behind. After three eggs, Austin starts to slow down and Vanessa and John move ahead of him.

Once Liz realizes she’s too far behind to win, she takes the Luxury Prize and promises to take whoever wins HoH. Vanessa stays in the lead almost the whole time, with John a close second and Austin in third.

In the end, Vanessa wins the HoH competition! It’s her fourth win and she had to do it because she knows she’d be everyone’s replacement nominee this week.

Torn Between Two Pairs

Vanessa’s knows she’s in the middle. Austin and Liz are on one side while Steve and Johnny Mac are on the other. Steve and John feel safer than Liztin.

Vanessa decides to interrogate everyone else, comparing notes and seeing who she can trust. She’s paranoid and desperate to find a reason to target someone. Steve tells Vanessa that he made a deal with Liz for her to vote to keep him if she was the HoH and had to break a tie with him on the block.

This makes Vanessa angry that Liz promised safety to both her and Steve. Vanessa is upset that everyone promised everyone else safety, which is absolutely insane since she did the exact same thing. Everyone in the Final 5 has deals with everyone else, including Vanessa, but none of them mean anything and no one has any intention of honoring them.

Johnny Mac tells Vanessa that she told him to go make a deal with Austin (which she did), but now she’s upset that the fake deal he made with Austin involved nominating Vanessa.

Liz cries to Vanessa and Austin completely denies talking to Johnny Mac about targets, which is a lie. He even admits in the diary room that he’s Judas and will say anything to anyone to stay safe, but he doesn’t mean any of it.

Vanessa believes that Johnny Mac would be dragged to the end over her, even claiming that Steve and John are a showmance equal to Liz. Basically, she decides that evicting John is smart because he’s the Victoria who will stay over her. Steve is furious that he wasted his HoH because he thought he was solidifying a trio with John and Vanessa.

Vanessa then makes a deal with Austin to vote out Johnny Mac and keep her safe next week. Austin and Judas swear on their love for Liz that he will honor this deal. She believes him.

Frankie Grande Is Back

Out of nowhere, Frankie Grande walks into the house to take Liz and Vanessa out of the house to attend an Ariana Grande concert. On principle, I refuse to recap any of the dumb, annoying shit he did or said. It happened, but let’s collectively agree to pretend that it didn’t.

The Nominations

After spending the day at the concert, Vanessa and Liz return for the nominations. John chats with Vanessa and uses “reverse reverse reverse reverse reverse psychology” on her, hoping that it will confuse her and make her head explode. So he tells her to put him up next to Steve.

Vanessa nominates John and Steve. She says their ultimate loyalty is to each other and that John is a great competitor.

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