On this week’s episode of The Real Housewives of Orange County, Heather and Terry decide to make some big life changes. Eddie and Tamra set a wedding date. Alexis meets with Gretchen, hoping to rekindle their friendship. And Vicki takes a business trip with Brooks that ends up getting very personal.

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All About Heather

The vacation may be over, but there is still some baggage left over from the trip to Whistler. Gretchen confides in Slade that, for the past year and a half, she feels Tamra has been cool and straightforward. Now, she’s starting to see traces of the old Tamra that she didn’t like. She relays the entire Malibu Country misunderstanding to him. It turns out Heather sent a text to Gretchen clarifying that Gretchen was contacted by casting while an executive producer of the show approached her about a guest or possible recurring role. Gretchen believes Heather is acting as if she feels threatened by Gretchen. Gretchen says she’s constantly taking the high road, but it isn’t doing her any good. She does feel confident that she has the truth on her side.

The Dubrows Build Their Dream House Again

As hard as it is to believe when looking at their palatial estate, Terry and Heather are still in the market for new digs. In a fortuitous turn of fate, they received a generous offer on their home and have their eyes on a choice piece of property in Newport, CA. But they aren’t just talking about moving; the influx of money would also allow Terry to cut back his hours and spend more time with his family. They decide to sell their beautiful house because as Heather puts it, “I am completely not attached to things. Life is about the adventure, and I am excited to see what we’re going to do next.” Kind of a hard sell coming from a woman who lives in a 15,000 square foot house.

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The Die is Cast

Tamra and Eddie go out for a romantic dinner, and Tamra broaches the subject of setting a wedding date. She tells him that actions speak louder than words, and he’s shown no interest in planning a wedding. In the meantime, she’s already picked out rings, a dress and had a bachelorette party. Eddie admits that, right now, the last thing on his mind is a wedding. How convenient that he’s not eager during this season of RHOC but finds the motivation in time for Tamra’s spin-off. Eddie tells Tamra to stop asking him when they’re getting married because he doesn’t need the pressure.

Tamra tells him she doesn’t like the fact that he thinks of it as “pressure.” She says she’s secure enough in herself that she doesn’t feel the need to force a man into marrying her. Tamra tells him that if he’s waiting for her to plan a wedding, she’s not going to lift a finger until he says, “This is the day.” Tamra, concerned that Eddie might be having second thoughts, asks him if he really wants to get married. He tells her getting married is not an issue. It turns out planning a wedding is something he wants no part of. He gives Tamra the go-ahead to hire a wedding planner and make the day special. The last, and most important, order of business is choosing a date. The couple settle on June 22.

Mr. Wrong

Vicki heads to Napa to taste the inaugural batch of her new vodka. It turns out that Brooks will also be there. Brianna asks Vicki why he’s even going and that she thought they broke up again. Vicki says, “They kind of, sort of, did,” but all of this wouldn’t even be happening without him. Brooks must have played some integral role, financial or otherwise, in the business’ inception. She also tells her daughter that Brooks is her friend and will always be in her life. Brianna is not pleased to hear that her mother and Brooks are doing business together because, from day one, her biggest fear was that he was an opportunist who was going to try to capitalize on Vicki’s notoriety.

Vicki tells Brianna what Lauri told her about Brooks dating a much younger stripper/escort. Now Vicki feels compelled to confront Brooks about the situation. Vicki clings to the hope that since Lauri was telling lies about her, she was probably telling lies about Brooks as well. So they aren’t dating, but they can date other people. But if she finds out he’s dating this mystery girl, she might have to cut him out of her life. Brianna tries to comfort her mom by letting her know she has her family, but Vicki pathetically says she needs a man. Brianna thinks that Vicki misses having a companion and is trying to fit a square peg in a round hole by dating Brooks.

The Third Time’s Not a Charm

Alexis has not only managed to make amends with Tamra and Heather, but she even survived a girls’ trip without become the target of scorn and ridicule. Her recent experiences have emboldened her because she decides to meet up with Gretchen to try and clear the air. She tells Gretchen she’s been praying for Slade’s son and tweeting her support. Gretchen is convinced that if Alexis really cared about her, she would have contacted her in person knowing what a difficult time she and Slade have been going through. Gretchen also believes Alexis took it to Twitter to make herself look good.

Alexis admits she should have done more, but she didn’t have it in her because she felt so rejected by Gretchen. She feels that once Gretchen befriended Tamra she changed; she became mean. Alexis tells Gretchen she was her friend, she was the outcast and nobody else cared. She also says she felt stabbed in the back by Gretchen in Costa Rica. Gretchen tells Alexis that she did defend her that night, and she has a different recollection of the evening’s events.

Gretchen says that she never bullied Alexis, and she’s already apologized. She feels justified in being hurt and angry that Alexis questioned her intentions. Gretchen does admit that she doesn’t want to fight anymore and asks Alexis how she wants to proceed. Alexis isn’t sure what she wants, but she knows she doesn’t want to write off Gretchen for good. Gretchen says she’s not sure things can be fixed. She reassures Alexis that she doesn’t wish her ill or hate her, but she thinks that something transpired between them that makes a renewed friendship unlikely.

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It’s Personal, Not Business

It turns out that Brooks is not Vicki’s business partner in the vodka business. She says he serves as more of a consultant. Vicki’s actual partner, Robert, his wife Cate, Brooks and Vicki pay a visit to the distiller and taste two flavors: bacon and orange. The brand is set to launch in Vegas, and according to Vicki, all the casinos are on board.

After Vicki spends the day trying to keep it professional between her and Brooks, the two go out to dinner. Vicki asks Brooks if he’s dating somebody else. He denies dating anyone else on a steady basis. What else is the guy going to say? Vicki is now convinced Lauri was lying because Brooks had every right to say he was seeing other women, and he denied the accusation about the much, much, much younger and shady young lady he’s supposedly been keeping company with.

Vicki tells Brooks that Brianna is spending a few nights a week with Ryan at the base and asks Brooks if he might be open to coming to the house for dinner. If this isn’t a s**t storm waiting to happen, I don’t know what is. Brooks makes it clear that he’s not going to wait around for a woman who allows her daughter to place parameters on when he can see her. Vicki comes to the conclusion that it is time for her to talk to Brianna and try to hammer out an arrangement that allows Vicki to get laid.

I Think I Wanna Marry You

Since Gretchen has had a change of heart since last season about marrying Slade, she decides this time around, she’ll be the one to pop the question. She thinks her proposing to him is empowering and show that women can go after what they want. It’s just too bad that she’s decided to write him a song and sing as part of this romantic gesture.

Two things are certain after this week’s episode; Gretchen should not sing outside the shower, and Alexis should not act at all, ever.

The Real Housewives of Orange County airs Mondays at 9pm on Bravo.

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