When you need to fill an episode of Big Brother 15 with Candice talking about how much she likes penguins, you know its Sunday. The nomination episodes are always the most boring simply because there’s still an MVP and a Power of Veto that can change the entire game.

Tonight we see King Judd making his decisions, Howard and Candice being portrayed as the new Jeff and Jordan, Amanda losing her damn mind, and most importantly, GinaMarie butchering the English language and sucking up fro-yo like a vacuum. I suppose being portrayed as a bumbling idiot is better than being shown as a racist.

The viewer discretion warning is still in effect. I’m going to find it hilarious if Aaryn gets evicted and CBS immediately stops running it.

Goodbye Jeremy

Kaitlin is sad that her showmance is over, but she tries to keep her feelings inside so others don’t see her cry. It’s a dramatic change from GinaMarie’s reaction to Nick leaving, which is funny since Kaitlin had sex with Jeremy while Nick never even kissed GM.

As Jeremy’s picture turns to black-and-white, Amanda says it looks better like that, then she and Elissa laugh like hyenas in Kaitlin’s face.

How to Speak Like GinaMarie

Finally, the long-awaited segment of GinaMarie butchering the English language! The highlights are:

The color “auburn” = All-burn or ar-barn
“Worse” = Worser
“Interpreter” = Interprenator
“Disgust me” = disguise me or despise me

And best of all is this sentence:
“I can compromise with people if there’s a compronization.”

She’s totally this season’s Chef Joe, someone who will make it painfully far simply because it would be a waste of time to get rid of her any earlier.

St. Howard

We also get a segment of Howard and Candice’s blossoming showmance. They have a cute chat about their favorite animals, and it’s nearly identical to one we saw between Jeff and Jordan in season 11. Later, Elissa teaches Howard some yoga. Or rather, she tries. The show is certainly painting Howard in a very, very positive light.

Heavy Is the Head That Wears the Crown

Amanda wants to keep Judd “in check,” which means she’s going to tell Judd exactly what to do. He’s not too pleased that this woman is acting like she’s in charge, especially since he’s still wearing his HoH crown.

Next comes the most boring part of every week, the HoH room reveal with everyone screaming over Judd’s pictures, particularly his high school graduation photo. Jessie says she wouldn’t have gone to prom with him, but she would’ve let him do her homework. Deep inside, she still wants to be a Mean Girl like Aaryn, Kaitlin and GM.

Talk turns to nominations. Judd is considering GinaMarie because she doesn’t want to be here, but Elissa thinks that would be a waste of an HoH. Spencer (and everyone) thinks Aaryn is just bad news. Howard paints a target on Kaitlin because she’s a much stronger competitor than people thought because she was behind Jeremy. They all agree he shouldn’t think too hard about the twist because it will just mess with his head. Which is exactly what it’s doing to Amanda and McCrae.

Aaryn talks to Kaitlin and GinaMarie about how all of them are targets this week, but they don’t really care and are trying to be optimistic. The Mean Girls are starting to turn on each other.

The Have-Not Competition

The HGs divide into three teams of four. They weigh themselves first, then must eat a lot of frozen yogurt to gain the most weight. Everyone will enjoy two flavors: chocolate/vanilla swirl, and habanero/anchovy.

Needless to say, the habanero/anchovy mix disgusts everyone. Amanda flat-out refuses to eat it, as does Aaryn. Meanwhile, Spencer looks like a cat lapping up milk with all the fro-yo in his beard.

The best is GinaMarie, who simply leans her head back and inhales the fro-yo at a steady stream going into her mouth. It’s like Homer being force-fed donuts in Hell from The Simpsons.

Spencer, Andy, Candice and Jessie are the losers and will be Have-Nots for the week. The food choices for next week are:

Brussels Sprouts and Bananas
Raisins and Ramen    
Mushrooms and Marmalade


Amanda pushes her “Backdoor Howard” plot on Judd once again. She really wants to break up the Howard/Spencer/Candice trio. Like always, Amanda wants someone else to do what is best for her and McCrae and gets upset when they refuse. Judd knows he’s probably not Howard’s target, so why make enemies?

Amanda then meets up with Andy and McCrae to say that Howard NEEDS to go because “the whole house” wants him gone (well, her ego is definitely the size of the whole house at this point, so she’s kind of right). She’s furious that Judd is doing what’s best for him and not what’s best for their alliance. Andy points out that she’s playing too hard and it might start to rub people the wrong way. Dude, that ship has sailed. Aaryn isn’t the ticking time bomb in this game, Amanda is.

Judd’s original plan is to put up Kaitlin and GinaMarie, but Elissa pushes hard to go after Aaryn because she’s a bad person.

In the end, Judd agrees and nominates Aaryn and Kaitlin, which is exactly who Helen nominated a week ago. How original.

Judd says Kaitlin is a pawn and that Aaryn is a “Texas tornado” who twists his words around. Afterwards, Aaryn thinks she’s a huge target, Kaitlin wants to distance herself from the toxic landfill that is Aaryn’s friendship and Amanda says she wants to backdoor McCrae. Just kidding, she wants to backdoor Howard, because those are the only two words she knows.

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