It looks like Kris Jenner and Kanye West will be dealing with a lot of public scrutiny in the coming days, no thanks to a bribe that has been exposed to the public and felony charges. Read on to find out more.

Kris Jenner’s Bribe

Kris Jenner’s talk show may have scored big numbers in L.A. but critics didn’t necessarily give the Kardashian matriarch good reviews. In fact, one reporter from The Post slammed the new show and even exposed Kris after she reportedly bribed her.

“On Tuesday, I wrote a review of Kris, a horrible new talk show by the mother of all self-promoters, Kris Jenner.” Post reporter Linda Stasi wrote. “A few hours later, a messenger arrived at The Post bearing a dozen Magnolia cupcakes  and one $325 sterling silver Tiffany pen. With a note. At first I thought maybe a grateful reader wanted to reward me for saying that Kris came across like a demented Norma Desmond, or that she had as much right to have a talk show as her talentless daughter had for hosting a talent show. But nooo. It was from Norma herself — Kris Jenner — who somehow thought it would be a great idea to send a journalist a hugely expensive pen with a note saying that I could use it to write her a better review next time.” 

Stasi went on to say that she couldn’t be bought at present, adding that the only way to improve her ratings is “either you somehow become interesting, which given the data seems as likely as the pope turning Jewish, or you do better with the bribes.”

Kanye West a Felony Suspect?

According to TMZ, the father of Kim Kardashian’s baby has been named a felony suspect after the rapper committed an attempted robbery when he assaulted a photographer and tried to get his camera at the LAX on Friday afternoon. The victim, known as Dano, reportedy suffered injuries during the attack and is determined to press charges against Kanye West. Police has referred the case to the D.A. as a felony attempted robbery instead of a battery case.

Kanye West Says No to Wedding?

Kim Kardashian won’t be hearing wedding bells any time soon, according to Though it’s quite obvious that not enough time has passed from the Keeping Up with the Kardashians star’s divorce drama from Kris Humphries, her boyfriend Kanye West is apparently not yet ready. 

“Kanye has the perfect out, he can’t marry Kim yet because he is going on world tour later this year,” the insider said. “He loves Kim, but just isn’t sure about marrying into the family. Kim is so close to her mom, and it’s no secret that Kris clashes with Kanye, a lot.”

“Kanye think Kris will want a big televised wedding,” another source said. “And he’s really not up for that. He loves Kim but he hates all the scrutiny that comes from being with her. When the photographers follow him, he flips out. Can you imagine him as part of a big televised wedding? It may happen one day but it’s definitely not going to be this year and it’s going to take a lot of persuading to get him to do it.”

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Dean Bextor

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