This week Big Brother 15 has changed the rules. Instead of America voting for an MVP in the house to make the third nomination, America IS the MVP. We voted to decide which HG will be nominated for eviction this week, a fact that HGs don’t know about, and now the results are in.

SPOILER WARNING: This article contains Big Brother 15 spoilers.

Judd nominated Aaryn and Kaitlin.

Elissa is the third nominee.

HA! I’m not sure if there are just that many people who hate her and think her being there has ruined the game, or if the Brenchel Army is stupid enough not to have realized that the rules changed, so they just voted for Elissa anyway, assuming it was still a good thing.

Whatever the case, this has obviously caused the house to freak the freak out. Before the reveal, the HGs were starting to figure out the twist, with most of them agreeing that America would probably be voting for the third nominee.

But after it was Elissa, they doubted that. You see, since America voted for Elissa as the MVP three times in a row, the people in the house assume everyone loves her. Well, Andy did throw out the theory that is most likely correct, that Elissa is a polarizing figure among Big Brother 15 fans, but it wasn’t given any serious consideration.

Instead, everyone is trying desperately to figure out who the MVP is. Howard, Aaryn, Kaitlin and GinaMarie have all been accused (with Elissa claiming that maybe it was the “bottom of the barrel,” or the person with the lowest number of votes who got to pick). She even theorized that Jeremy got to pick after he was evicted.

The best theory, however, is one that’s growing in popularity in the house: Elissa nominated herself! Yes, other HGs are actually thinking that she put herself up as the third nominee as some complex, strategic move to gain sympathy. I find it hilarious that anyone would believe this, because Elissa has proven that she isn’t a good enough liar to pull off something like that. Also, Kaitlin pointed out that if Elissa knew she was going to go up, she would’ve been more dressed up, with high heels on, for the announcement because she knew it would be on TV.

They also think that maybe Elissa knows what the twist is and that it will give someone a special power, so she put herself up in order to get it (see: Lawon from season 13 for a better understanding of how monumentally idiotic this theory is).

This is definitely the second most exciting possible outcome (Amanda going up would’ve been better). Last night everyone was quite paranoid about Elissa and there’s a real chance she might go home this week because she’s been acting more suspicious than usual.

Helen and McCrae were also picked to play in the Power of Veto competition. McCrae has stated that, if he wins, he won’t use it for fear Amanda could be nominated.

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