Last week on The Real Housewives of New Jersey, Amber made up with both Melissa and Nicole. Well, for now. Let’s see how long they can keep the peace.

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Friends Again

In this week’s episode, Amber goes to visit Melissa as she is grieving for her aunt, who passed away after a battle with cancer. Amber gets emotional when listening to Melissa’s story of her aunt. She says that whatever has gone on between them in the last few weeks, she’s here for her when she needs her. Melissa appreciates that she stopped by and the two agree to move forward with their friendship. 

Nicole chats with her mom about Bobby. Her mom is worried that he is a confirmed bachelor and not willing to commit. Later, Nicole goes to Teresa A.’s house to take sexy photos to send Bobby. Teresa agrees with her mom about Bobby. Nicole just wishes her family would back off with the Bobby situation and just let things happen naturally.

At Teresa’s home, Melissa and Teresa are having a date night, even though Teresa seems to throw backhanded compliments at Melissa in her confessionals every chance she gets (like how they can be friends now because Melissa is “getting older” and “maturing”). The two cuddle up and watch The Godfather, but their friendship seems a bit staged to me.

Dina meets with her divorce attorney, even though she’s not sure if she’s ready to get divorced. Her attorney tells her that whenever she’s ready, they can get the process started amicably.

Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day isn’t a priority at the Giudice home. They have to keep busy making money so they can pay all of their legal fees.

Dina is throwing herself a bit of a pity party for Valentine’s. She’s eating Lexi’s chocolates and staying home in her pajamas and whining about how single she is. It’s especially hard for her because her soon-to-be ex-husband proposed on Valentine’s Day. She chats with her assistant, Luke, and does a weird spa treatment on her face to make herself feel better. You and me both, Dina.

Melissa and Joe are still going strong. They have dinner at a fancy restaurant together and Melissa gives him a photo book with sexy pictures of her in it. Of course, Joe is totally into it because if one thing’s for sure, he is definitely really into his wife.

The twins, Rino, Bobby and the twins’ parents all have a nice dinner for Valentine’s Day where the women are all wearing red. Teresa A. talks about how things with Rino have been rough. They were married for 10 years, divorced and then married again. She knows he was with a lot of women while they were divorced, but she doesn’t care because the two of them have always loved each other. How romantic?

Nicole also takes this opportunity to bring up her mother and Teresa A.’s concerns about Bobby’s bachelor status. He insists that they’re both happy right now with how things are progressing, but they’re not quite ready for the next step. He does hope he can be Nicole’s prince one day, not just another frog. Aww.

Gossiping Gotti

Teresa is doing a Fabellini appearance at a local liquor store and Amber comes to visit. She knows that her husband wants to keep his distance from the Giudices, but he’s his own person and she wants to support Teresa.

Teresa’s old friend Victoria Gotti and her gross hair extensions also show up at the appearance since she lives nearby. She invites Amber and Teresa over for drinks after her appearance.

At Victoria’s huge Jersey mansion, they gossip about Teresa A. and Rino over Fabellinis. Victoria tells them she used to run in the same circle of friends as Rino while the two were separated and he told her the reason they divorced is because Rino cheated on Teresa A. with HER MOTHER. UGH. Teresa and Amber are shocked, although they’re not sure if they can believe it’s true. Either way, Teresa resolves not to judge Rino and Teresa A. because she doesn’t really know them that well.

Next week, it’s about to get real: Teresa and Joe plead guilty to fraud charges. Those poor Giudice girls. 


The Real Housewives of New Jersey airs Sundays at 8pm on Bravo.

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