The Real Housewives of Orange County wrapped season 9 this week. But don’t worry, we still have a few weeks of reunion shows to officially put a bow on this season. And stars Vicki Gunvalson and Lizzie Rovsek gave us an idea about what to expect.

“I left not crying, which was the first time I’ve done that,” Vicki told Bravo’s The Dish. “Typically, I storm off and cry and say ‘I’m never coming back again!'”

Although Vicki had to say goodbye to her daughter and her grandson this season when they moved to Oklahoma, this season was a lot less stressful in general for Vicki. 

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“It was a good season,” she said. “People resonated that I’m the voice of reason. I still have a brain and an amazing career.”

She does have a few opinions about her cast mates too.

“Yes, they’re all crazy!” she jokes. “If I’m the sane one exiting out, then that works out well.”

On the other hand, Lizzie didn’t seem to have an easy go of reunion taping like Vicki did.

“The reunion was a long day,” she told The Dish. “Everyone had a lot of issues to talk out. For the most part, I think it was pretty mellow until the end and then things got out of hand.”

Since it was her first reunion, Lizzie didn’t know what to expect, so she reached out to fans for help.

“To prepare, I asked fans on Twitter if they had any advice they would want to share,” she said. “I really didn’t prepare much. I am not the type to study episodes and text messages for loopholes, etc. I just followed my heart, was true to myself and told the truth.”

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Some of the other ladies made some big changes for the reunion as well. Heather Dubrow made the decision to get bangs backstage moments before filming the reunion.

If it appears that Shannon Beador’s face looks a bit different in the previews, like she’s maybe had some work done, she assures fans that it’s merely an optical illusion.

“I did NOT get a breast augmentation, facial surgery, cheek work, Botox or fillers,” Shannon wrote on Instagram. “I got my hair cut.”

The Real Housewives of Orange County airs Mondays at 9pm on Bravo.

(Image and videos courtesy of Bravo)

Gina Pusateri

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