Saturdays on Big Brother 16 are usually all about the Power of Veto. But due to a severe medical emergency in the house, one of the HGs has had to leave (either temporarily or permanently) to go to the hospital. And there’s also news on this week’s Team America mission.

SPOILER WARNING: This article contains Big Brother 16 spoilers.

Victoria Leaves the House

On Saturday, Victoria left the Big Brother 16 house and, according to Derrick on the live feeds, was taken to the ER. She has been having severe issues with her jaw and wisdom teeth over the past few days, causing her excessive pain and a swollen face. Saturday morning she was in the bathroom and Nicole asked if she was OK. Victoria said “No” and the feeds turned off for a while before coming back with Victoria out of the house.

Medical emergencies are very rare in Big Brother. In season 9, two of the female HGs left the house to go to the hospital for a day when one had a seizure and one had an allergic reaction, though both returned to the game.

The medical issue has certainly put a wrench in the regular schedule of Big Brother 16. Typically on Saturday they pick players for the Power of Veto competition and then play for PoV. With Victoria’s status in the game a mystery, things are up in the air.

UPDATE: At around 2pm, two and a half hours after Victoria left, she returned to the house when everyone was sleeping. Christine woke up and Victoria told her that she got an IV and needs to stay up and eat something. She said that if she gets picked to play in the PoV, she won’t be competing, just like when Jocasta was sick in week 3..

Team America’s New Mission

Besides the Victoria drama, a new wrinkle has arisen. According to a conversation between Derrick and Donny, this week Team America has been asked to come up with their own mission, and America will then vote on whether or not it was a success. This might be the dumbest idea yet, if it’s true. Donny mentioned this to Derrick and Frankie, but obviously we’ve had no confirmation on the outside that this is a real mission. He says it must be completed by the PoV ceremony.

As soon as Donny heard about it, he suggested that keeping Team America together should be their mission, which is just his way of trying to force Derrick and Frankie to keep him this week since he knows he’s the target (Cody is HoH and he nominated Donny and Nicole). Hey, it’s worth a shot.

What do you think about this DIY Team America mission? Is it for real, or is this Donny’s manipulative way to try and get Frankie and Derrick to keep him safe?

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