Now that Big Brother 16 is down to a single HoH, the game is much simpler. There’s no need to worry about being dethroned, no need to put up weak players or pawns. Much like when Caleb won a single HoH during the double eviction, you can just nominate your two targets and be done with it.

SPOILER WARNING: This article contains Big Brother 16 spoilers.
Cody won the HoH competition.

Donny and Nicole are nominated.

Sigh. This was inevitable. Over the past two weeks, the Bomb Squad plus Victoria (or whatever you want to call the six people running this game) have become thick as thieves, united in their common hatred of Nicole, Zach and Donny. Donny has tried everything to find a crack in the Bomb Squad, but it doesn’t exist. His attempts just bring them closer together.

The only slightly interesting part of the season is that the Bomb Squad is already itching to take out the people at the bottom of the pecking order, despite their insistence that there is no pecking order. Caleb wants to get out Christine before Victoria or even Nicole, with Derrick and Cody jumping on that bandwagon too.

Perhaps if Donny can manage to win his fourth Power of Veto, Cody and Derrick would decide to keep Nicole and make a big move against Christine or even Frankie. Watching Cody backdoor Christine would certainly be the single funniest possible outcome this week.
But, of course, Donny is the primary target because, as Cody is fond of saying, he’s a “schemer.” And this season, unless you were handpicked to be in the Bomb Squad by Devin in the first four days, you aren’t allowed to scheme. That’s what this entire season boils down to: either you were in the Bomb Squad in week 1 and you have a chance to win or you are an outsider, irrelevant to the game and there’s nothing you can say or do to change it.

The Have-Nots

Cody also got to pick two Have-Nots, and of course he chose Donny and Nicole. In addition to Slop they can eat Squish Kabobs, aka compressed fish meat, clams and bean curd. This means that everyone in the house has been a Have-Not twice, except for Frankie, who has only been a Have-Not once.


-This is Donny’s seventh nomination of the season. He is only the second person to ever reach that many nominations, the other being season 15’s Spencer Clawson, who finished with nine noms.

-This is Nicole’s fifth nomination. She is only the 16th HG in history to get five nominations in a single season.

-This is Donny’s fourth consecutive time being a nominee. Only five other people have ever done this: season 3’s Amy, season 11’s Natalie and Jocasta this year were all nominated four times in a row while season 9’s Sharon and season 15’s Spencer were both nominated five times in a row.

-Nicole is the sixth evicted HG to return to the game, but the first one to ever be immediately nominated once she returned. Season 3’s Amy and season 9’s Crazy James both won HoH right after coming back. Season 6’s Kaysar and season 13’s Brendon were both backdoored as soon as they came back, meaning they weren’t one the HoH’s original nominees. And season 15’s Judd survived three weeks without going on the block after he returned.

-This season there have been 44 nominations made. Derrick has never been nominated, Cody and Frankie have each only been nominated once and Christine has only been nominated twice. The other four HGs have all been nominated at least four times.

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