Big Brother 16 has been fairly stagnant, with a single powerhouse alliance (the loyal remnants of the Bomb Squad) controlling every single eviction. But perhaps a twist can change that.

Tonight, following the eviction of Zach or Cody, one of the first four members of the jury will win their way back into the game. It also marks the end of the double HoH twist and the annoying Battle of the Block competitions. If the game was ever going to get interesting, this would probably be the week to do it.

BUT FIRST…this is Big Brother 16!

Nicole, Hayden and Jocasta are on stage with Julie Chen. YAY! I also love that the show doesn’t play along with Derrick and Frankie’s lie about how Donny wasn’t their real target this week.

Zach Attack

With Zach on the block (and going to be evicted), he goes through the stages of grief. He’s depressed, he gets angry, he tries bargaining with Frankie, but in the end, it’s futile and the final stage is acceptance.

Donny tries to work with Zach to flip the house, but getting those two other votes is impossible. Caleb and Frankie shut down Zach’s campaigning immediately. Frankie keeps insisting that Zach is the problem with the alliance. Frankie also adds that the way the game works is that Zach should’ve just shut up and agreed to go on the block in the first place. No, that is NOT how the game works. Big Brother 16 is not a team sport.

Later, Zach tries to make a pitch to Frankie once again. He tries to explain to him that Zach is more beneficial because he’s a big target, and if he’s gone, Frankie becomes the biggest target. Frankie tells us that he needs to do what’s right for him and only him. Stop lying to us, Frankie, you’re playing a team game.

Team America

The neighborhood watch patrol continues, even after Zach is on the block and everyone assumes he’s the Saboteur. The mission is a success, which is just so stupid.

Zach vs. Victoria

The pink hat that Zach wears is actually Victoria’s, so she steals it back and cuts it up just to spite him. This is, sadly, the most satisfying thing she’s done all summer. Once Zach realizes the hat is missing, he asks Victoria to have it back and she refuses. Zach gets frustrated. He knows she’s just doing this to piss him off, but it’s working.

Donny Tries to Make a Move

Donny knows the house is working against him, so he has a chat with Christine about the game. He tries to talk to her about the pecking order. He points out that Derrick is not a target and never will be because Cody and Victoria are loyal to him. Elsewhere, Frankie and Caleb are loyal to each other. He’s pitching for Christine to work with him, keep Zach and work against Derrick’s side. She tells us that he’s making good points. What we don’t see is that, instead of giving any consideration to Donny’s offer, Christine ran straight to Cody and Derrick and told them EVERYTHING that Donny said to her.

Julie and the HGs

She shows them what happened in the black box during the Battle of the Block competition. But, of course, they don’t show Christine throwing it. However, Julie asks Christine why the competition was so hard for Christine and she pretends that it was dark. Julie adds that the BoBs are over.

The Vote

Cody says a whole lot of nothing. Zach, in a bowtie, says that he doesn’t hate everyone, he just strongly dislikes them and only hates one of them. He adds that they all suck, shills his Instagram and tells Julie that he’ll see her soon.

Derrick votes to evict…Zach
Christine votes to evict…Zach
Donny votes to evict…Zach
Caleb votes to evict…Zach
Victoria votes to evict…Zach

Zach is evicted 5-0!

That’s six unanimous house votes this season. Only seasons 12 and 15 had more. And it continues Victoria’s impressive streak of voting to evict every single HG who’s been evicted.

Zach gets up before Julie is even finished talking, stands on the table and throws Fruit Loops onto the HGs. Zach is the best. Once he’s gone, Christine says “See you never.”

Zach admits to Julie that the reason he’s gone is because he couldn’t keep his mouth shut. He takes all of the blame and adds that Victoria is the one person he hates. He is delightfully and brutally honest in his interview. Zach still thinks Frankie is a great person and takes a lot of responsibility for the break-up. He didn’t have a good strategy and just thought that if he made people hate him, they would’ve kept him. Julie says that Zankie is one of the best showmances in the history of the show. He insists that it’s just a great friendship and there are no hard feelings.

Goodbye Messages: Christine calls him a crybaby. Donny enjoyed everything Zach did. Frankie says that he just did what the group wanted. Victoria shows him the shredded pink hat.

Julie asks who he’d target if he went back and he says he doesn’t know and he’d probably throw the HoH competition. Then she tells him he’s going to have a chance to get back into the game anyway. I love Zach, but I absolutely DON’T want him to get back into the game if that’s his strategy.

The Jury House

Jocasta, Hayden, Nicole and Zach all have the chance to get back into the game. But first we get to see the jury house. For the first week, Mamma J. and Hayden hang out and Jocasta is very happy to see Donny win that PoV during the double eviction. The next week, Hayden wants Derrick and Cody evicted. And they’re very sad to see Nicole walk in the door.

Nicole tells them about Caleb throwing the BoB, Frankie being Ariana Grande’s brother and Christine backdooring her. And Nicole adds that, now, Caleb and Frankie are BFFs again. There’s a lot of bitter jurors, with Nicole wanting to take out Christine. On the bright side, the jury house is very good for Haycole and they make out a bit.

In the present, Julie tells the HGs still in the house about a juror returning. The four jurors walk in and everyone pretends to be happy and excited. Everyone heads to the backyard to see the jurors compete.

The Juror Competition

The four jurors will play seven rounds. They must slide a disk onto a spinning turntable. However, the gate is only open for five seconds. Whoever has the most disks wins.

Round 1: Everyone gets a disk.
Round 2: Everyone gets a disk.
Round 3: Everyone but Nicole gets a disk.
Round 4: Jocasta and Nicole get a disk.
Round 5: Jocasta is still in the lead.
Round 6: Nicole, Zach and Jocasta are tied for first place.
Round 7: Jocasta and Nicole are tied.

The tie goes to whoever is closest to the center..

Nicole is back in the game!

At least it’s not Jocasta. Let’s hope Hayden convinced her to go after Derrick and Cody. There’s no live HoH competition, so come back later to find out who won.

Ice Bucket Challenge

CBS President Les Moonves does the Ice Bucket Challenge and challenges his wife, Julie Chen, to do it live on Big Brother 16.

Will Arnett comes out to dump ice water on Julie Chen, which is awesome. And she challenges every single former Big Brother HG ever. Well played.

(Image courtesy of CBS)

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