On this week’s episode of The Real Housewives of Atlanta, in the wake of Kenya’s disastrous charity event, Cynthia throws a birthday party for Peter. NeNe continues to respond only to butt-kissing. Kenya plans a tropical getaway. And NeNe feels betrayed by Marlo’s friendship with Kenya.

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The Morning After

NeNe is still reeling from Kenya’s behavior. She can’t believe that Kenya would capitalize on her name to get people to attend an event. Coming from a proven name dropper (Ryan Murphy), that’s pretty hypocritical. I’m not a fan of Kenya, but the money did go to charity. It wasn’t as if she was using NeNe to advance her non-existent career. But NeNe feels wronged, and when NeNe feels wronged, it’s a Herculean task to make her feel right again. 

NeNe’s laying blame for her behavior everywhere. Convinced she should have stuck to her instincts and stayed home, NeNe tells Gregg that she caved because a bunch of people, himself included, told her it would make her look bad not to attend a benefit that was supposedly in her honor. If any of the people who encouraged NeNe to show up had known the world-class diva would have put her worst foot forward, they probably would have redacted that advice.

Gregg says he wanted his wife to attend, not for Kenya’s benefit, but for those people who were there to support a just cause. NeNe, possibly the wickedest housewife of all, has the nerve to say she felt bullied.

Cynthia regrets her role in the aftermath of it all. Usually NeNe’s lap dog, Cynthia is not happy with her girlfriend’s behavior. She tells her sister Malorie that she knew, at that moment, it was best to keep her mouth closed. Peter, on the other hand, doesn’t ever hold back.

NeNe complains to Gregg that Peter was acting like a b**ch, jumping up in women’s faces. Peter just had the balls to tell the queen bee that she was being a mean girl. He actually made a concerted effort to keep his calm while chastising NeNe for her very uncharitable behavior.

Apparently, Cynthia has asked Peter to leave the ladies to her, but her husband wasn’t deterred by his wife’s gag order. At least NeNe got an earful of what she should hear and not what she wanted to hear. This isn’t the first time the two have butted heads, and Cynthia worries that NeNe might freeze her out as a result. She’s also bickering with Peter because of the confrontation, which makes planning his upcoming birthday party awkward.

The NeNe Whisperer

Kenya meets new bestie Marlo for drinks. Marlo, who was too busy digging for gold to attend Kenya’s event, gets the 411 from the hostess on NeNe’s bad behavior. Both ladies don’t understand where NeNe’s hostility is coming from, and Marlo’s convinced she can soothe the savage beast at Peter’s party.

The Queen Bee is Over the Wannabes

Even though Cynthia and Peter are still kind of on the outs, she’s not going to let that stop her from throwing him a Jamaican-themed surprise B-day bash. In spite of Cynthia’s concern that NeNe might be too mad to come to Peter’s party, the queen bee proves she’s a good enough friend to not kick Cynthia to the curb over what amounts to a minor scuffle. Peter can turn on the charm full-blast when he wants to, but he’d need a hair dryer to fully thaw NeNe’s icy demeanor. But she’s polite, and even she admits she’ll get over their tiff. So, some heavy petting, but no home run. You can’t expect NeNe to give it all up so soon.

Kenya decides to clear the air with NeNe, and NeNe reads her like a thousand-page book. Kenya says she won’t take the blame for everything that’s gone down between them, but that she does apologize and take responsibility for her part in their prolonged beef. NeNe accepts the apology but doesn’t offer one in return, and it’s clear that they are getting into familiar territory (Kim Zolciak). What I can never understand about any of the housewives is why they accept apologies when they’re still pissed off. Just say, “Hey, I’m not there yet, but give me time.” Or, “I’m over you, let’s just keep it civil.” How hard is that?

Next up, Marlo. NeNe makes a point of dissing her. Kandi predicted that NeNe might be chafed at the friendship between Kenya and Marlo. After Kenya fetches NeNe a rum punch, the perpetually pissy blonde observes the BFF bond between Marlo and Kenya, and she is not amused. Determined to be sour, the dour housewife heads home. 

A Cray-Cray Vacay

Kenya is trying her best to get back in all of the girls’ good graces. So she’s stupidly decided to try and plan a couples’ getaway to Mexico. She’s mistakenly under the impression that she and NeNe are in a good enough place to travel to a foreign country. At least stay on US soil so nobody winds up in a Mexican prison. Why on earth would Phaedra and Apollo go, and why would Kenya include her? Either Kenya is really trying to rebrand herself or this is Bravo giving RHOA a ratings boost. Lawrence questions her decision to even include Apollo after his recent behavior. I wonder how Brandon feels about it.

Kenya invites Lawrence because she thinks he’ll make an excellent body guard. “He might wear lipstick and heels, but he will beat a brother down,” she says.

Bailey Bowl is a Bust

Cynthia’s experience dealing with fibroids has inspired her to live a healthier lifestyle and to spread that sentiment to others. To promote her agenda, she sponsors the “Bailey Bowl,” an adult version of a kids’ field day. All of the ladies have put together their own teams; conspicuously absent is “personal trainer” Apollo.

Marlo and NeNe’s mouths get the biggest workouts. Marlo is mad that she wasn’t invited to be a part of NeNe’s team, and NeNe is just over Marlo. A bridesmaid one minute and persona non grata the next. Instead of throwing shade, NeNe throws a water bottle at Marlo. This is not one of the events Cynthia has planned. Marlo goes off, but her barrage of insults fails to ignite NeNe’s temper, and she just walks away. NeNe is convinced that Marlo is an opportunist but never offers an explanation as to what Marlo gains from their association. In fact, Marlo feels NeNe is the one who benefited from hanging with her.

Surprisingly, the usually abrasive Marlo dissolves into tears. A befuddled Kenya just hopes this falling out doesn’t have anything to do with her. And Cynthia doesn’t foresee a relaxing trip south of the border in their future.

The Real Housewives of Atlanta airs Sundays at 8pm on Bravo.

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