We’ve heard all the semifinalists perform (well, 20 of them). Fans have voted. And all that’s left now is to wait until tonight’s first live results show of American Idol season 13.

The guys took to the stage last night, and overall there were less nerves from them than from the girls on Tuesday. I correctly predicted three out of the five singers who didn’t get a chance to sing. Maybe I wasn’t thinking straight in believing they would actually get rid of Emmanuel Zidor. Of course the producers would make sure someone like him gets to perform. Oh well.

But as with the girls, there are some contestants who we know will advance to the Top 13, some that’ll be easy cuts and then there are those in the middle who could go either way depending on the preference of the voters. Let’s take a look at the guys’ chances of staying or going home.

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Definitely Safe

Caleb Johnson: Caleb may have performed first, but like with Majesty Rose on Tuesday, the producers probably figured he’s already a very memorable performer so he should be safe. And he better be because this competition would be far less interesting without him. We need a male rocker this year, and we won’t get that if he’s cut. His performance of “Stay with Me” was exactly what we would expect from someone like him — and that’s what we love about him.

Alex Preston: Here’s another contestant who needs to be in the Top 13 because of how unique his voice is — there’s no one else who sounds like him. I personally am not a huge fan of “Volcano,” but he’s obviously safe. Plus, I loved how he and Harry Connick, Jr. were geeking out over ending “on the nine.” He’s still super awkward — in a way, that’s part of his charm, but I do hope he’s able to come into his own over the course of the season.

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In the Middle

Sam Woolf: I personally don’t see anything special in Sam. But he’s got the look, which a huge reason why he could make it far. There was a moment during his performance where he reminded me of Kris Allen. Now, I’m not a Kris Allen fan, so you can see how that translates to Sam in my mind. But Kris won, so anything’s possible.

Spencer Lloyd: Spencer’s not going to win. And while I’m sure some didn’t like his performance this week (especially when you compare it to his Hollywood Week song, which is understandable), there’s a part of me that actually kind of liked it. Like with Malaya Watson on Tuesday, I’m not sure why Spencer got the pimp spot, but I think that pretty much means he’ll be in the Top 13.

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In Danger

C.J. Harris: I’ve got quite a few names in the Danger category. And the reason is, because with the guys being generally stronger than the girls this week, we could have some good singers getting cut and so there’s not as many guarantees. C.J. gave one of the best performances of the night. The amount of soul and depth to his voice is fantastic. After all that, I should put him In the Middle instead of In Danger, but he performed near the start of the night and might not be as memorable in the minds of voters as someone like Caleb. If he’s eliminated, the judges can easily rectify that by giving him a Wild Card spot.

Dexter Roberts and Ben Briley: I’m lumping Dexter and Ben together for a reason. They’re both country singers, and it’s unlikely that both will be moving on. Dexter’s more of a generic country singer, but Ben is just plain better than him. If either of them make it, I’d rather it be Ben. But like with C.J., I wouldn’t be surprised if the judges choose Ben if he doesn’t advance.

Malcolm Allen: This is a tough one because I would like to see Malcolm in the Top 13 to see what else he has to offer, but I have a feeling that won’t happen. There’s always the Wild Card.

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Definitely Going Home

Emmanuel Zidor: Please, oh please, don’t let him into the Top 13. I’m begging you, judges and America. His favorite Idol alum is season 4’s Vonzell Solomon, who also did a cover of “Best of My Love.” But Emmanuel, your rendition was nowhere close to hers.

George Lovett: With someone like Emmanuel, we all would like to think he’s not sticking around, though strange things like that have happened before. But out of all the guys who performed, it’s safe to say George is 100% going home. He performed in the middle of the show, I doubt anybody remembers him from previous rounds and he was completely forgettable during Rush Week.

Elimination Predictions

Emmanuel Zidor

George Lovett

Dexter Roberts

Malcolm Allen (a possible Wild Card pick)

Ben Briley (a possible Wild Card pick)

The only name I’m a little uncertain of with my elimination predictions is Ben Briley. I kept going back and forth between him and C.J. Ben performed second to last, so he was more memorable in voters’ minds. On the flip side, C.J. was exceptional, and I’d like to think America will do the right thing, but you never know. I’ll probably get that prediction wrong, but to me it’s obvious that if either of them are cut, it’s likely they’ll end up as a Wild Card pick.

Who do you think is going home? Do you think the guys were stronger than the girls? Will most of the Wild Card spots be filled up by guys? Share your predictions in the comments below.

American Idol‘s first live results show of the season airs tonight at 8pm on FOX.

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