Now that we’ve met the returning cast of The Amazing Race: All Stars, it’s time to take a look back on their most heartwarming, embarrassing, and jaw-droppingly stupid moments. The Amazing Race is known for teams getting frustrated and angry with each other, but from these videos you can definitely see why this bunch were invited to come back. They’re just so much fun to watch!

Whether you’re an Amazing Race die-hard whose tuned in for every season or this is your first time voyaging with the CBS series across across the globe, make sure to check out these videos and see what you can expect from the teams this season.

John and Jessica

It’s like John hit a Blackjack and folded because he would feel safer with a 17. John’s poor decision making ranks high amongst the most legendary Amazing Race missteps. Also, have you ever seen Phil so agitated with a team before? Yikes!

Caroline and Jennifer

The country singing duo made it to the 11th leg of their race, but still got the boot. Hopefully their Amazing Race inspired album will reach the top of the Billboard charts.

Bopper and Mark

With Bopper’s assertive attitude and newly shaved head, he definitely would fit in well as a Marine Corp drill instructor. This team’s get-go attitude will definitely benefit them in this iteration of the race.

Dave and Connor

Seeing the likable Father/Son duo have to bow out early because of a calf injury was definitely a tear jerking scene. Expect many more heartwarming Field of Dreams type moments from these two this season.

Flight Time and Big Easy

Flight Time and Big Easy may be phenomenal athletes, but an important key to winning is fully understanding the rules of your sport. Taking the four hour penalty seemed like a wise idea at first but proved to be a big step backwards. Hopefully they got a good nap during the long timeout.

Leo and Jamal

Leo and Jamal certainly showed street smarts when they dismantled their finished instrument so no other teams could see. But watching Leo get chased around like a loose chicken on farm was one of the race’s funniest moments.

Meghan and Joey

After watching Meghan and Joey struggle with rolling the barrels, you can expect them to mess up on some sort of physical or strength challenge this season. Hopefully they don’t smell like haggis anymore, either.

Natalie and Nadiya

Natalie and Nadiya are totally the sisters who would drunkenly belt out Karaoke at a crowded bar. They’d either entertain or annoy the patrons in equal quantities. Their strong personalities will be either a huge help or big crutch in their performance.

Cord and Jet

Them cowboys are definitely a likable bunch, and if they were able to improbably go from last to first just over two legs, you can expect them to lasso up a spot in the final three this race.

Margie and Luke

It is pretty amazing that Margie and Luke are still top contenders even though Luke is hearing impaired. Just goes to show you that there is no limitation holding any team back from achieving victory.

Brendon and Rachel

As a person who also has stunning hair, I can relate to Rachel’s hesitance to shave her head. But with $1,000,000 dollars on the line? She was crazy not to go bald.

Now that you’ve seen their most candid Amazing Race moments, which team do you want to finish first?

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Season 24 of The Amazing Race premieres Sunday February 23 on CBS. 

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