We’re only a few days away from another season of The Amazing Race, full of trademark globetrotting excitement, internal quibbles and brutal backstabbing. But unlike prior Amazing Race installments, we won’t be watching any newcomers battle to the finish line. CBS has rounded up 11 all-star teams from previous races to duke it out in this special All-Star edition, this time with each team knowing the proper way to get ahead.

To reacquaint you with the contestants, CBS has released a series of Meet the Team videos where each duo discusses their relationship and what they’ll bring to the table. We’ve got a lot of family members, couples and dear friends, each with some sort of edge they hope will put them at the front of the pack.

Without further ado, meet your teams for The Amazing Race All-Stars.

Dave and Connor

Dave and Connor certainly have the best feel-good story out of any of the teams. With Dave’s now in better shape after tearing his achilles heel, you can be sure that this father and son pair won’t waste their second chance at globetrotting glory.

Margie and Luke

Margie and Luke have been through the race two times now, which they fear will make them an easy target for other teams. But they’ve also picked up a few lessons along the way, learning not to trust alliances and have a plan of action before making hasty decisions. Early frontrunners for most likable duo.

Bopper and Mark

Bopper and Mark are two homelovin’ small town folk, tryin’ to win that million dollars for the sake of their kids. But Mark definitely cut off Bopper a lot during this video which will probably lead to some passive aggressive “you never listen to me!” type comments on Bopper’s part. Good thing that they’re giving 152% effort though, those other teams only giving 110% are just too lazy.

Flight Time and Big Easy

The Harlem Globetrotter team Flight Time and Big Easy definitely pulled a Washington General performance by placing in second on their first race. Big Easy didn’t seem too confident though on the team’s chances to win. Expect them to be knocked out in a pit stop that requires a lot of detail.

Natalie and Nadiya

Anytime someone says you either love them or hate them at first meeting, you’ll probably end up hating them. Natalie and Nadiya may make it far in the race, but they’re definitely too bubbly and obnoxious to become a fan favorite. Good luck on watching this video without getting incredibly annoyed.

Meghan and Joey

Clearly Meghan and Joey are likable, but they’re like a pair of helpless kittens, especially when Meghan states “We’re not going to be as nice…Ok, were going to be nice to everyone.” Make up your mind Meghan! Some logistical mistake early on will knock these two out.

Rachel and Brendon

I do not like green wearing Rachel and Brendon, I didn’t like them on Big Brother and won’t on The Amazing Race: All-Stars. I do not hope they come in first place, I hope they’re knocked out early in the race.

Leo and Jamal

Leo and Jamal definitely seem to be very smart and aware of their surroundings. But hearing them talk about not changing their strategy and being more laid back sounds like a sure fire strategy to early exit from this race.

Jet and Cord

The two homegrown Oklahoma cowboys are definitely noble with their goal to run a good race without leaving someone else’s steer out to pasture, err um, I mean without screwing someone over. But their Western hospitality will probably lead to their own downfall. 

Jessica and John

Jessica and John hold their Amazing Race claim to fame of being eliminated with a fast pass very dear to their hearts. They may make it into the final stretches, but don’t be surprised when their bad luck comes back this season.

Jenn and Caroline

You can see the fault in their thinking when Caroline states she and Jenn should have been with their alliances in the final 3. Is there some Amazing Race spy-gate conspiracy going on with Jenn and Caroline’s “Be nice but not that nice” strategy syncing up so closely to Meghan and Joeys? We’ll have to wait for the in-series instant replay to confirm.

Now that you’ve met everyone, which team do you want to win? Sound off in the comments. Also, don’t forget to make your first picks on who you think is going home in The Amazing Race Fantasy TV. Compete with fans and invite your friends>>> 

Season 24 of The Amazing Race premieres Sunday February 23 on CBS. 

(Image and video courtesy of CBS) 


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