Another episode of The Real Housewives of Atlanta? Already? Yes. We have to keep up with Sheree’s legal drama! Bob filed a modification for child support, which he never paid. Sheree is using Phaedra as a lawyer, which is troublesome because A) she’s a friend, and B) she’s an entertainment lawyer. She represents Ridickulous.

Phaedra tells Sheree she has to start billing her for her time, but she would keep the costs low. I just don’t know if this is a good idea.

Kandi is stepping up Kandi Koated Nights with a new, professional set. Kandi invited Charles and Marlo (ooooh drama) to be on the show, talking about “how to catch and keep a baller.” Charles says women don’t preserve themselves the way they should. If you carry yourself like a hooker, you will be treated as one. Marlo credits God for her wealth. Hmmm. The show is still a mess.

Kim is taking little baby KJ home. Sweetie asks Kim why she’s walking so weird, to which Kim responds, “‘cuz I just popped an 8 lb baby outta my twat.” Kim is so consistent. KJ pooped, everyone watched, and then Chanel the dog peed.

NeNe and Cynthia go shopping at a vintage store. “Did you see Kandi Koated Nights?” Cynthia mentions off-handedly, like Kandi Koated Nights is a thing people watch regularly. NeNe rolled her eyes about it. NeNe doesn’t seem to care about this thing, but everyone thinks she and Charles hooked up. Cynthia likes Marlo, though. Maybe Marlo will be a new Housewife.

Sheree bought some new clothes to go to court. So Lindsay Lohan, except no one cares what Sheree will wear to court. No one except Phaedra, who is an entertainment lawyer. Don’t look too pricey, so that people don’t know you can afford not to get the child support. Sheree doesn’t care, though. Donkey booty, etc.

I want Phaedra to preview all my clothes and describe my butt in each piece. As long as she doesn’t bill me for it.

Kandi has a box of Bedroom Kandi previews. She’s working together with OhMiBod, a company that has a line of toys that work with music. They’re doing this preview in a restaurant, and the vibrator is working its way across the table, toward unsuspecting patrons.

Brielle and Sweetie are annoying Kim, as she has them washing her wigs and turning their sneezes away. Kim tells us Brielle hasn’t been very helpful around the house. That’s what Sweetie is for.

Phaedra and Latoya, her legal assistant, meet to discuss the trouble with Sheree. Sheree was supposed to send them a check, but had Latoya meet her at the hair salon, and then didn’t have the check. Apparently everyone in Atlanta knows that Sheree has not paid her attorney fees in the past. Phaedra Parks, Attorney at Law, does not work for free! Brandon got the check, though, after stalking Sheree for it.

Before going to court, Sheree has herself a little cry. Phaedra pumps her back up, and promises to do all the hard stuff. Sheree’s mother stopped by the courtroom for moral support.

Kim’s parents stopped by to see KJ and Chanel pooped on the carpet. Brielle is still a sulky, unhelpful teenager, but Ariana is working hard.

I’m surprised how well-lit this courtroom is. Bob has chosen to represent himself, looking, as Phaedra described, “a hot mess.” The day hasn’t even started, and Bob files a petition for contempt. It pushes the matter back further, and now Sheree has to choose ANOTHER outfit. Now Bob is claiming Sheree took furniture that was granted to him in the divorce. But now he has some time to iron those khakis.

Did Bob just stick out his tongue at them and run away? And did he just out-lawyer the lawyer? Sheree meets Phaedra and Kandi for lunch, and she is pissed. No, Sheree, you do not critique Phaedra when she is wearing her sparkly union jack dress! She didn’t dress like Geri Halliwell to come out AGAINST girl power. Sheree and Kandi have a good sympathetic cry together.

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