Looks like the stress of the semi-finals isn’t getting to the X Factor top four. At least not when they hit the beach for this adorable holiday photo. It’s like a family Christmas card. (Except that, before Christmas, three members of this family will be eliminated.)

The X Factor blog posted these quotes from the top four about the best gifts they’ve received over the years, plus their holiday plans for this year. And it turns out that December 25 is an extra-special day for finalist Chris Rene, because it’s also his birthday!

Check out how Chris, Marcus, Melanie and Josh get into the holiday spirit:

Josh Krajcik: “The best gift for Christmas that I got was the guitar that my dad gave me when I was 12. Worst gift was a puppet from my grandma. Sorry grandma,” he says. As for his plans this year, he added, “Work. I don’t plan on going home. I want to strike while the iron is hot, so I’m going to try to work through the holidays and make stuff happen.”

Chris Rene: “I’ve never had a bad Christmas gift. Never. The best one my mom got was me, cause that’s my birthday,” says Chris, who will turn 29 this Dec. 25. As for his birthday slash Christmas plans, he’s right there with Josh. “Work, family, work!”

Melanie Amaro, the lone lady standing, had a musical gift as her favorite too. “A karaoke machine was the best gift I’ve received. I got that when I was 13. I sang ‘Amazing Grace,’ and the worst Christmas gift was a sweater with a kitten on it. Setting me up for humiliation when I go to school, so no I didn’t wear it,” she says. She doesn’t have holiday plans yet because “I have a lot of stuff going on.” Yeah, like competing in THE X FACTOR!

Marcus Canty’s best gift ever was a Playstation 2. “I saw my Godfather’s Playstation 2 and I always came over and played it with him, and one year I came over for Christmas and I go downstairs and in the box is the Playstation 2. It was amazing. I took it home, and I couldn’t stop playing it. Christmas is always so good. I think the worst gift is when you don’t get a gift… Or when people give you some cheap cologne.” As for his holiday plans, he doesn’t care how busy he gets, he’ll celebrate anywhere! “I’m going to celebrate Christmas wherever I’m at,” he says. “If I’m in the hotel, we can set up a tree and have Christmas. Christmas is where the heart is, so that’s what it’s about.”

You don’t need to be a talented vocalist on a national singing competition reality show to enjoy this little game. Tell us: What were your best and worst Christmas/holiday presents of all time?

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