Expectations are high on The Voice this week as big names from the music industry gave the top 10 contestants advice and some much needed boost. Monday’s live performances were arguably better than last week’s show but who did good enough to get to the next cut? We’ll find out tonight but until then, check out my predictions for the Top 8: 

Who’s Safe

Craig Wayne Boyd, Luke Wade and Matt McAndrew were all stand outs. Craig gave a very heartfelt and memorable performance while Luke made a solid comeback after messing up last week’s song. Matt, on the other hand, didn’t have a lot of opportunities to flaunt his vocals and even came across as awkward when he tried to connect with the audience but his gentle interpretation of the song is enough to overshadow those points. 

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Who’s in the Middle?

Anita Antoinette and Taylor John Williams made their coaches proud but not without some flaws. Anita owned the stage as she clearly had fun though she was not as engaging compared to last week’s performance. It also seems like the arrangement of her song could have been better.  Taylor proved his versatility as a singer this week but didn’t really lift the iconic Beatles song. DaNica Shirey‘s performance was flawless but a little too straight-up and lacking of her personality. Reagan James‘ performance, unfortunately, was not so fancy. She got off on a rocky start and struggled with her words though she did manage to make the song her own. 

Who’s in Jeopardy?

Chris Jamison closed Monday’s live show with a stellar production number that left the crowed screaming and wanting more. However, the production number didn’t quite work in his favor. I also question his song choice.  While Damien got the four-coach standing ovation, he didn’t really bring anything new to outshine his competitors on The Voice season 7. Ryan Sill is still trying to establish himself as an artist which isn’t really a good sign if you’re already at this point of the competition. Though he has improved from last week’s performance, it might not be good enough to beat the rest.

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Who will Twitter Save?

The “Instant Save” is back which means viewers are given a five-minute window to vote for the contestant in danger of elimination via Twitter. Chris Jamison, who has the most Twitter followers among my bottom three picks, is most likely to be saved. That means Ryan Sill and Damien will go home

The Voice season 7 airs Mondays and Tuesdays at 8pm on NBC. 

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Dean Bextor

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