When we last left The Real Housewives of Atlanta, Kenya had just tried to extract apologies from Phaedra, NeNe and Porsha at the friendly girls’ dinner that Kandi arranged.

Despite not quite getting her apology, Kenya did seem to get the ladies to agree to a ceasefire, with no more badmouthing Kenya about the Apollo situation.

At this point, Kenya’s not really going to get much better than that. 

Cynthia and NeNe, on the other hand, didn’t exactly resolve their issues. But the night is still young in this week’s episode, “Make-Ups and Breakdowns,” and the waiter still has more stale food to serve up.

Perhaps Cynthia and NeNe will cry it out and end up besties again? 

Can We Just Move On?

Well, at the moment, that’s not looking likely. 

NeNe has just removed herself from the table after blowing up at Cynthia. She comes back with tears in her eyes, and the ladies decide to give Cynthia and NeNe some privacy to talk.

Cynthia says that she just couldn’t get over when NeNe called Peter a bitch. NeNe wishes that Cynthia would have come talk to her so they could have resolved it back when it happened. Cynthia asks if they can just move on, try to be friends and still support each other. 

The two women hug and cry a bit more, but it appears to be all for show. Both still seem like they can’t stand the other one in their confessionals. “I don’t make the same mistake twice,” says NeNe.

Others in need of moving on include Todd’s mother, Sharon. According to Todd, his mom is still pissed that Kandi’s mom referred to her as a prostitute. 

Listen. Mama Joyce is Mama Joyce. She’s not changing and she’s definitely not apologizing. She’s just going to go on insulting people, wrecking their houses and sponging off her daughter for the rest of her life. 

Since Todd is in New York, he suggests Kandi come up for some family time with him and his mom. 

Hide Your Weaves

Hairstylist Derek J. pays a visit to the law offices of Phaedra Parks. He is being sued by a client claiming that he stole her weave and put a rattier replacement weave back in her hair.

“So they’re claiming you’re the Hair Burglar?” Phaedra asks. If only Phaedra’s job was to come up with amazing puns, she would have this case settled in no time. 

Over at NeNe’s house, Gregg is ill. NeNe’s idea of taking care of him: “I’ll give you a pill, you swallow it and I’ll call you from the mall.” At least she makes him tea in his toilet mug.

And speaking of tea, she tells Gregg about her conversation with Cynthia. “I don’t know if I’ll ever be able to be, like, best buddies again,” says NeNe.

Cynthia is, of course, describing the same event to her best gal pal, Peter. “I think we made up,” Cynthia says. “What?” says Peter. He is less than thrilled. 

Peter wants NeNe to be held accountable for her terrible sins. He also tells Cynthia that the last six NeNe-less months of their lives have been the best ever. 

They don’t fight, plus they have more sex. Umm, what could that possibly have to do with NeNe’s absence? Just shut up, Peter.

Back in the Bronx

Todd takes Kandi around his old haunts in the Bronx, but Kandi tries to tell Todd that he’s not as “hood” as he thinks he is. Exhibit A: the swanky hotel he is staying in while in New York. But she lets him get nostalgic anyway because she’s trying to make him happy before they meet with his mom.

They go shopping for some Tims, eat New York pizza and tour where Todd lost his virginity. 

Cynthia is also in New York, but not for in-law confrontations, just for Fashion Week. She is walking in the runway show for Kithe Brewster, a designer I have never heard of but Cynthia swears is huge.

Todd and Kandi meet up with Cynthia and Peter for dinner. Well, some of them eat dinner. Cynthia is starving herself before the fashion show tomorrow.

They discuss how Mama Joyce has offended Todd’s mom. “That’s her way,” says Peter. Todd doesn’t buy this as an excuse. He wants Mama Joyce to be held accountable for her actions.

Kandi would just like to move on because that is what is easiest for her. Clearly, she is scared of her mom and just doesn’t want to deal with her. Can you blame her?

In case you were feeling Kenya withdrawal, we get a quick scene of her and Claudia in a cooking class. Kenya acts dramatic while tasting peaches. That is all.

Work It, Girl

Oh, look! It’s Kenya again. She shows up to support Cynthia at the fashion show, as does Kandi.

Cynthia doesn’t fall on the runway, but she does walk very slowly. Peter is there filming her, as is Noelle’s father. Awkward? 

After the fashion show, Todd and Kandi meet with his mom. Sharon wants Kandi to know that she is not pleased with Mama Joyce. 

As usual, Kandi acts like there is nothing she can do about her mom’s behavior. “If you expect us to be a family that’s gonna work, your mama can’t run the family,” Todd tells Kandi.

Kandi also tells them that she told Mama Joyce that she owes Sharon an apology, but Mama Joyce said that’s not happening. “I have lost my appetite,” says Sharon as she takes a bite of her food. “Tell your mother to expect something. In the mail.”

Are these the drunk rantings of a woman wronged? Or is Todd’s mom just as crazy as Mama Joyce? 

Next week, Apollo tries to pretend that his marriage with Phaedra is fine and Kenya spies a new man who may or may not be taken.

The Real Housewives of Atlanta airs Sunday nights at 8pm on Bravo.

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