Last time on The Amazing Race, the remaining four teams raced on in the Philippines, where they took part in some difficult challenges, such as toting buckets of fish ashore from the ocean, assembling a side car for a motorcycle and using an ox and wooden plow to discover their next clue in muddy ponds.

Brooke and Robbie, the dating wrestlers, were in a foot race with married surfers Bethany and Adam to reach the mat. Brooke and Robbie were the last team to arrive, but heard the words every last place team wants to hear: that it is a non-elimination leg of The Amazing Race! They are still in the game. So who will take the lead in this leg of the race and compete in the finale? Let’s find out!

Mission: Get the Correct Jeepney

“Hooping It Up” kicks off with Misti and Jim, and their pearly whites, receiving the first clue. Teams are headed by jeepney to Rajah Sulayman Park, where they will find the clue box. Misti also shows off a nasty looking cut on the bottom of her foot. Jim is a bit concerned because this is the first leg of the race where they have faced elimination, since the save kept them safe, and the previous leg was a non-elimination round. Luckily, the dentists hop a ride on Maya and Amy’s jeepney. Bethany and Adam grab a jeepney, but it is headed in the opposite direction as the one carrying the other racers. That is not a good sign.

Adam and Bethany are the first team to reach the clue box. It is a Blind Detour: “This” or “That.”  These Blind Detours are crazy, and thoroughly entertaining. “This” requires teams to shoot a basketball while being guarded by a Manila street basketball team. Once they have scored 21 points, they obtain the next clue. Bethany and Adam take on the challenge, and work well together as a team. They get the next clue, which has teams heading to Divorsio Market to locate their marked jeepney. On the way, they can’t locate their clue.

Packing the Cart

Robbie and Brooke reach the clue box and encounter their Speed Bump. The duo must go to the waterfront and help a street vendor by transferring all of his goods to his new cart. Brooke and Robbie bicker about how long it will take to complete this task, and about who is being negative rather than positive.

Meanwhile, the jeepney with the Maya and Amy and Jim and Misti needs to stop for gas. The group is in high spirits as they are sure that they are ahead of the other two teams. When the driver tells them that Manila is back the other way, Jim’s facial expression says it all. The group gets off the jeepney to catch one headed back to Manila.

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Shooting Hoops

Brooke and Robbie also choose the basketball challenge, and Brooke feels pretty confident because she has played basketball for years. Of course, she clarifies her lack of moves on the court are due to being “rusty” because she hasn’t actually played in 10 years. Hilarious! Robbie, as usual, brings out his comedic side and entertains the onlookers. I must say, Brooke is really good once she’s warmed up. I am officially impressed. Once they grab a taxi, Brooke gets nauseous and asks their taxi driver to turn on the air conditioning. When he doesn’t, she reaches into the front seat to either turn it on herself, or demonstrate what she is talking about. The driver is not pleased.

Ready, Set, Pedal!

The dentists and candy scientists finally reach the Detour, and choose “That,” which requires teams to drive a bicycle and side cart taxi vehicle around a block four times within 17 minutes and 55 seconds. Each team member has to pedal for two laps. My favorite part of this challenge is the dancing traffic cop! These bikes don’t have traditional brakes and seem very hard to steer. While Amy is pedaling, she tries to avoid a collision with Misti and instead drives the contraption into a parked car. Thankfully, no one is injured. Maya and Amy cross the finish line first, and both teams get the next clue.

Bethany and Adam reach the crowded market, but they do not know the cross street they are looking for because they don’t have the clue. They finally search Adam’s backpack and find the cross street that they need to find. Brooke and Robbie get to the clue box first. It is a Roadblock titled, “Whose Coo Coo for Coconuts?” This Roadblock requires one team member to carry and deliver coconut shells and the bristles, called, “Wallace Ting Ting,” to three separate shops to obtain the next clue.

Robbie takes on the activity, but misses looking at the shop names and addresses that are posted on the wall of the vehicle. Robbie later rereads the clue and heads back to look at the list of locations. Of course, when he finally reaches his first destination, he does not have the correct quantity of coconuts.

Clearing Up the Clues

Jim and Adam take on the coconut task next, and they are also confused about where the list of locations is posted. They wander around in the heat and chaos aimlessly. People, please read your clues! Adam finally deduces that the van must have the addresses posted, so he and Jim head back to the van.

Amy is also suffering from the heat and the weight of what she is carrying. Jim gets creative and asks a vendor to borrow his cart. When Amy passes him and asks him where he got the cart, Jim doesn’t respond. As Maya urges her forward from the sidelines, Amy drops the nuts and brooms. She later borrows a cart and continues on.

Robbie completes the coconut challenge first, and grabs the next clue. It is the location of the next Pit Stop: Fort San Diego. Adam finishes next and he and Bethany also head off to the Pit Stop. Amy is left behind as she pushes along. The Roadblock has really taken a toll on her, and when she and Maya finally catch a taxi, Amy looks like she is going to faint.

The Pit Stop

Brooke and Robbie reach the mat first, with Robbie riding on Brooke’s back. Phil congratulates them on making it from worst to first place. Their joy is short-lived when Phil tells them that, for the first time ever, the final leg starts now. They receive their clue, which is to fly to their final destination: Los Angeles. They also receive a manila envelope that they are not to open until they are instructed to do so. Adam and Bethany come in second place and keep on racing. Misti and Jim grab third place, but are not thrilled that the final leg starts now.

The Last to Arrive…

Maya and Amy are the final team to arrive, and Amy needs some medical attention. Once she is deemed okay, Phil informs them that they are still in the hunt and have not been eliminated from The Amazing Race. Phil will be eliminating one team at some point during the final leg. Race on, guys!

The Amazing Race airs Friday at 8 pm on CBS

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