We’re heading to the finale of Hell’s Kitchen with back-to-back episodes tonight. Who will be eliminated? Will the six remaining chefs even make it to the dinner service? It’s going to be a roller coaster ride tonight so let’s get started.

Let’s Get the Competition Started

The celebration for the black jackets continues in the dorms. Early the next morning, they all rush outside of Hell’s Kitchen to find that they are leaving the restaurant. Ramsay has an empty billboard to show them. The winner of the first single challenge will have their face on the billboard promoting Omaha steaks. They must prepare a stunning steak dish in 45 minutes for this challenge.

The judges joining Ramsay are fifth-generation owners of Omaha Steaks, Bruce and Todd Simon. They are going to choose the top three visually appealing dishes and then taste them. Roe, Santos and Sade’s dishes are selected. Roe wins the billboard spokesperson spot and a $1,000 shopping spree at Surfas. The rest must unload and break down a 250-pound side of beef. Bryant leaves forgets the butchering of the beef and starts prepping the rest of the ingredients. After the shopping spree, Marino greets Roe with the surprise. She looks up and sees her ad already on a billboard.

Dinner Service

With Roe back in the kitchen, the others’ jealousy begins to show. Ramsay shows up to start the dinner service with a surprise. There’s another team of chefs in the Red Kitchen. The visiting chefs are the Gordon Ramsay group consisting of Andi, James and Ramsay. The Black Team doesn’t realize it, but they are sunk. No one beats Ramsay in Hell’s Kitchen.

With Marino opening the restaurant to such guests as Penn Jillette and Steve Blake, you know everything has to be perfect. The Black Team has picked their own stations (bad mistake, guys) but Ramsay will check the dishes. While Ramsay’s team gets food out, the Black Team can’t seem to do anything right and Ramsay knows. He’s checking the dishes as they go out which means nothing is leaving the kitchen. Ramsay has served his side while the Black Team hasn’t served much food to any customers.

As dinner continues, Ramsay’s group is sending out entrees with the Black Team still stuck on appetizers. As the last appetizers finally leave, entrees are well on their way to being completed on Ramsay’s side. Ramsay does give James a hard time in Hell’s Kitchen, especially as they close in on the finish. Roe can’t even cook her winning dish and it’s going to the Omaha Steaks table. This is embarrassing, Roe! As the chicken stalls the kitchen, we see the Black Jackets sink. Poor Marino has to apologize for the problems.

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The Aftermath

Ramsay points out that his team beat them with only three. He sees no communications among the Black Team. Bryant is named the best. He asks the others upstairs but no one is happy with his power.

Bryant’s nominees are Roe and Santos. You know he’s jealous of Roe but Santos is surprising. Ramsay calls both forward and they plead their case. Ramsay decides to send Santos home after scaring Roe.

Round Two Competition

With Santos gone, the team now has a new ego in Hell’s Kitchen. Ramsay stops Bryant and tells him to keep up the good work. Now Bryant will be even more arrogant in the dorms as he declares war on the others.

The next morning, they rush outside to find the car waiting for them (again!). This time, they are going to be glamping (glamorous camping?). The tents are elegant and each chef is being given a grill and 45 minutes to do a family-style dish. The glampers get to observe and make comments as the chefs prepare the food. On completion, they present the dish to the tables. With LaTasha’s dish late, the others have time to talk up their dishes.

The top two are Bryant and Roe, with Bryant winning. He will do high-end glamping (urban camping) overnight with Sade as a guest. The rest will go to Hollywood Hills and pick up dog poop then do recycling day at Hell’s Kitchen. As Bryant and Sade try to follow a map to their meal, the rest are not looking forward to dumpster diving, which makes LaTasha sick.

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Dinner Time

With five chefs left, Roe has decided to supervise. Ramsay reminds the chefs that they must feed the entire dining room as Marino opens the door. This ought to be funny since Roe wants to lead. With the first dishes called, problems already seem to be brewing with lobster. In addition, Ramsay calls the chefs as no one goes to help Jennifer. Roe only annoys Jennifer, so we have potential problems brewing. Now Bryant is having trouble with the salad garnish. Is Bryant too good to do garnishes?

As entrees begin, Sade and Jenn must work together on meat/fish but the garnish seems to be the problem. Ramsay calls all of them up for a lesson in proper service. Chef Ramsay, these people are in it for themselves, not for their guests. LaTasha is all over the kitchen and helping get dishes out. Then Roe goes quiet and messes up everyone’s timing. With the last table left, Ramsay sees problems developing between Jenn and Sade. He calls them together for a chat, but he is not happy.

After service, Ramsay sends them upstairs to decide who should be eliminated. When they return, Ramsay asks Roe for the nominees and she puts up Jenn and herself. Ramsay calls them forward and allows them to plead their case. Ramsay calls Jenn on her lack of trust. Ramsay tells Roe she is leaving Hell’s Kitchen. It’s down to four and Ramsay tells them that the “heat is on.”

Next Time on Hell’s Kitchen: The final four compete and a surprise awaits them.

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