After forgetting to check the TV schedule last week, I was all ready to recap The Biggest Loser and ended up sitting through a majority of that pretty terrible Peter Pan Live special. I’m so glad we’re back to our regularly scheduled programming after a few strange weeks.

With that being said, this episode starts by catching us up during the moment where Bob interrupted Scott’s limo monologue.

“It’s not over for you,” Bob says to Scott while (I swear) stifling laughter. Maybe Bob botched the lines the first few takes, despite the fact that he should be a natural with the “Comeback Canyon Speech” by now. Scott walks in to see Damien, who — again — lost an impressive 11 pounds last time.

“I’ve been on the show since day 1 and season 1, and I’ve never had two NFL athletes to train,” Bob claims. “I’m in heaven!”

Alison greets the remaining contestants before they hit the gym. She congratulates them for making it to week 12, and makes no mention of the gigantic blue box she’s leaning against. Finally, it’s revealed — the box has t-shirts in it! Oh, it’s a sign that they’re no longer doing the team thing anymore. It’s every man and woman for themselves.

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Gaining Color

Lori gets a gold shirt, since she’s a three-time gold medal winner. Next up is JJ, who is maroon, which is a pretty good color for him. Oh, also it was a football color or something. Woody is Aqua, because he loves the band so much. Wait, no. It looks like the montage of other shirts being taken have no meaning whatsoever.

Alison reminds them that there will be a yellow line at this week’s weigh-in, and to enjoy their very first workout as ‘singles.’

Jessie, Dolvett and Jen seem to be all over the gym training multiple contestants, which is something that excites JJ. His goal is to get under 300 this week, which means that he’s looking to lose seven pounds. Such hefty goals are a struggle for Toma — remember how he gained a pound last time? Yeesh. Rough times. 

I seriously think that Angry Rob’s hair has greyed since the last episode. Maybe he’s just under bad lighting. He does a few quick and explosive exercises under Jessie’s watch, and Jessie mentions how Rob’s true problem is learning how to trust.

The Immunity Challenge

At the first challenge, which is a track and field event, our contestants will have to deal with running, hurdles and color. They’ll need to match a specific color pattern by memory, and the winner will gain immunity. What is this, Survivor?

Lori has a stress fracture, which means that she can still participate but she can’t run. So let’s just get real right now — Lori ain’t gettin’ no immunity. 

All of the contestants need to run through a mud pit before checking out their color keys for the memory puzzle. Lori’s technique is assigning colors to names, so maybe those shirts served some additional use other than coverage and symbolism.

Jordan, whom I constantly forget is even on the show, gets five right and 11 wrong on his first try. Lori, however, only missed three. Sonya missed the first color, which is kind of disappointing. You’d think it’d be the last rows that trip up the contestants.

Based on memory alone, Lori ends up winning, proving me wrong and teaching me that stress fractures should never get in the way of your dreams.

Bob’s Superbowl

Back at Bob’s House, Damien and Scott compete in a “Superbowl” of sorts. This is going to be a tough future elimination for me, since I like them both. Scott tries super hard to impress Bob, and has sweat dripping from his face before he even starts.

“That’s in our DNA, to compete!” Damien claims. The two then run around the field while Bob holds a stopwatch, and I’m not going to lie — these men are both inspiring. In fact, if the rest of the show just focused on Damien and Scott, and neither of them went home, I’d list this as being the best episode ever.

A Dose of Inspiration

Back at the ranch, the three trainers decide to treat the remaining contestants to love-videos from some incredible people.  

Rob gets a video from his past rugby team, who yell out phrases like “Hashtag SkinnyRob!” Sonya gets one from the kids she coaches, which makes her smile. Jordan gets some basketball message, and Lori gets a documentary-style video from her coach and her old teammate, Jennie Finch. “I know there’s a warrior within you,” Jennie claims. Woody gets a message from one of his teammates, who has a massively impressive beard. JJ’s high school and college teams come together for his video, which makes him tear up. Frank Klopas, a former soccer player, gives a message to Toma and tells him to, “never, ever give up!” Turns out, Toma and his dad used to watch Frank play. So with Toma, it’s motivational and also really tragic. 

After seeing Sad Toma, Dolvett makes it a personal mission to take Toma out of the ranch and out on the field to lose the weight he gained from last week. Toma kicks around the soccer ball, and claims he’ll be super quick on his feet for Dolvett. 

Speaking of tears, this is the time where I’ll be shedding a few. Things are about to get real for Damien and Scott.

The Comeback Canyon Weigh-In

Scott starts out at 268 pounds, and currently weighs 259, losing an impressive nine pounds. Pretty good for Comeback Canyon! If Damien wants to stay in the game for a third week, he’ll need to shed 10 pounds. Starting out at 295, Damien currently weighs 293, losing a mere two. 

“I hate to lose, but if I’m to lose to anyone, I’d rather it be to that guy right there,” Damien says while on the scale. I’m going to miss him. And for the record, I think he looks absolutely fantastic.

Beware The Yellow Line

Now it’s time for the first weigh-in as singles. Unless Lori gains weight, she gets to keep her immunity. Luckily, she drops three and is safe for now, making her the first member of the final six. Woody is up next, and loses nine. JJ is hoping to reach his junior high school weight of under 300, and he… well, he’s currently at 300. And he’s pissed off!

Sonya is up next and loses eight, making her current weight 189. Jen decides to pipe in for the first time this episode, and mention how proud she is that Sonya had her “A-Ha moment.”

Jordan is next, losing nine. It’s seemingly a great week for everyone so far, except for JJ who is probably silently still cursing that one pound he has yet to shed. At this point, Toma needs to have lost at least seven to avoid the yellow line, and is ecstatic when he manages to lose 11. “There is redemption in that number!” Alison claims. Jen says more motivational stuff about it too.

The bad news is, this means that JJ is definitely below the yellow line. Let’s see who’ll join him.

Rob is the final contestant to weigh in, and he needs to lose more than 10 to avoid the line. Thankfully, he lost 15, which means that it’ll be JJ or Woody going home tonight. And by home, I mean Bob’s home, which is filled with treadmills.

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Will it Be JJ or Woody?

It’s time for the Serving Plate of Death Ceremony. Toma worries about Woody going home to an empty house, so he votes for JJ. Jordan also votes for JJ. At this point, one more would send him home. It’s up to Sonya!

Sonya’s decision was based on whether or not there’d be a red line, and she tears up after she reveals she also voted for JJ. Aw, JJ. He seems like a solid dude. 

Alison then claims that JJ isn’t the only one leaving tonight. Wait, what?! 

Oh. They’re going to Hawaii. Way to freak out the emotional, Alison.

Bob’s Surprise

JJ looks very maroon, as he gives his sad monologue. All of a sudden, Bob shows up. “Guess what, JJ? It’s not over!”

Catching Up With Damien

Damien looks like gold. He feels like a new man, and loves himself. He’s now back to work as a football analyst, and now he’s playing football with his family! Aw, Damien.

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