Last week on Project Runway: All Stars, the designers flew to London to design a dress for the Duchess of York. This week it looks like they’re staying stateside, but hopefully the challenge will be just as exciting.

Alyssa meets the designers on the stage for a fashion gamble. There’s a set of dice on the runway, one with different kinds of fabric and the other with different events. Each designer will roll the dice and go with their combination. They’ll have $150 and one day for the challenge.

Zanna also tells them later that Alyssa will wear the winning look in a Marie Claire feature.

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Roll the Dice

Fabio’s combo is denim at a masquerade ball. He finds a soft pink denim that he really likes because he doesn’t want his look to remind anyone of cowboys or construction workers. In the work room, he finds a pearl necklace he wants to use as a headpiece, which seems appropriate enough for a masquerade ball.

Sonjia rolls brocade at a bachelorette party. Since she’s engaged, she’s thinking of designing something for herself. She buys a shocking pink and a gold brocade and drapes a dress in the pink. But the other designers notice that it’s definitely not brocade. Fabio gives her some advice as a friend when he tells her that it’s not brocade. At first she’s defensive, but she doesn’t want to go home so she starts over with the gold.

Michelle’s working with lace for a look that would be appropriate for a gallery opening. She picks out lots of ugly (her word) lace and plans to layer them to create an interesting texture.

Justin got gallery opening too, but he’s working with silk. He says he rolled something pretty easy but that doesn’t mean he wants to take the easy route. He’s making a short dress for a conservative lady who’s still ready to have a few glasses of champagne.

Helen gets brocade for an awards ceremony. Woof. She’s making a strapless gown with a fitted bodice and a high slit in the back.

Gunnar gets brocade, but he has to make a masquerade costume. That said, he doesn’t want to make it too costume-y. His design is inspired by a butterfly with a wrap dress and a high-low skirt like a cocoon. He struggles with the bodice and redesigns it several times.

Jay is making a denim look for Sunday dress. Zanna is worried the shiny denim halter is making his look seem cheap. Helen gives him some unsolicited advice too about how his model looks like a club girl, which he most definitely does not appreciate. He tells her not to come for his look and says she’s acting like a “bee-yotch.” Helen feels bad for insulting Jay, which wasn’t her intention, but she thinks his response was rude and unprofessional.

Dmitry is working with velvet for a gallery opening. He hates velvet but he finds a pretty gray metallic. He’s making a jumpsuit with slouchy pants.

Lucky on the Runway

Georgina is back this week to join Alyssa and Isaac. The guest judge is designer Michael Bastian.


Sonjia- Michael says she really set out to achieve what she sought to achieve. Alyssa says this is a great dress and she’s the one to beat. Isaac says it looks young and rich but Georgina says the draping on the top is a bit heavy.

Michelle- Michael loves how she picked a difficult color and made it so stunning. There’s nothing he doesn’t love about the dress. Isaac loves the lace too, but isn’t crazy about the padded hips. Georgina thinks it’s original and brilliant.

Helen- Georgina likes the concept, but the midriff, the deep plunge and the high slit are all a bit much for her. Alyssa likes the structure of the bodice but Isaac thinks the fabric looks like a comfy English sofa. Michael thinks the color is bold and it’s a good use of both sides of the fabric.


Justin- Isaac is in love with the neckline but says the rest of the proportion is a bit off and that makes it look matronly. Georgina says the sleeve is too heavy. Isaac says it feels common and not well done.

Gunnar- Isaac says his look is a miss and the top looks unfinished. Georgina thinks the top is also unflattering and Michael doesn’t get the random placement of the “feathered” strips.

Fabio- Georgina says the dress is fine, but she wishes he’d really gone for it with traditional denim. Isaac disagrees with Georgina and says it’s a complete miss. Michael says it looks like bubblegum pink taffeta and he would not have made a dress like that out of taffeta.

Sonjia is the winner of the challenge. I’m sure Alyssa will look super cute in that dress after she gives birth. They might need to adjust the length a bit though so she’s not too exposed in her shoot.

It’s Fabio and Gunnar in the bottom two, and it’s clear the judges aren’t going to send Fabio home after a win. Gunnar’s eliminated which is sad because he’s sweet, but Fabio could still go on to win so it’s a fair decision.

Next week: The designers have to make menswear. Uh oh. That never goes well.

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