On the season 4 finale of The Originals, Vincent has a plan to get rid of the Hollow, but it means the Mikaelson family will have to make the ultimate sacrifice, Hayley and Elijah finally discuss the future of their relationship and exciting possibilities arise for all members of the Original family.

Vincent has a plan to save Hope. It involves pulling the Hollow out of the young witch and putting it someplace powerful and eternal. And in order to make the transition work, he needs something connected by blood. He needs all four Mikaelson siblings. Over 1,500 years ago when they destroyed Inadu, they divided her remains, and that’s how they’re going to beat her now. This also means Rebekah, Elijah, Kol and Klaus can never go near each other again. It’s not an optimal solution, but if it’s the only way to save Hope, Klaus is on board.

The Hollow Takes Over New Orleans

In the meantime, Hope/Inadu resurrects one very dead Dominic. The guy isn’t alive for 30 seconds before he gives a rousing speech about how the power of the Hollow transcends death and can destroy all who stand against Inadu and her acolytes.

Marcel’s vamps and what’s left of the city’s witches are gathered together at Rousseau’s. Marcel has given them their marching orders — find Hope. But before they get a chance, Dominic arrives. He suggests that if the witches want to gain back their power and rid the city of the scourge of vampires they need to stand with the Hollow.

The witches, led by Hope/the Hollow take to the city streets and encounter Hayley. She tries to reach out to her daughter, but Hope is buried way too deep. Inadu, once again, doesn’t kill Hayley, but she does snap her neck. She wakes up at the compound after being retrieved by Vincent, and he tells her he’s preparing for a ritual. Hayley was out searching for her daughter, so she missed the memo about the Mikaelsons predicament.

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Vincent’s Final Warning

What Vincent didn’t tell the others is that Hayley needs to pack up Hope and get the hell out of town. The Hollow has had a taste of Hope’s power, and it’s going to want to get it back. Through the Mikaelsons, the Hollow will try to gain access to Hope. Anytime they’re near her, the little girl won’t be safe. Vincent knows Klaus isn’t going to be okay with this, but he urges Hayley to take her daughter and run like hell.

Freya is determined to find any other option than splitting up her family. She searches her mother’s grimiores but has no luck. She calls Keelin, needing some emotional support, but she doesn’t answer.

Marcel decides desperate times call for desperate measures and lots of dark objects. He’s willing to align with the Mikaelsons to defeat the Hollow. Sofya would prefer to either get out of town or just go ahead and pledge her allegiance to the wickedest witch to not come out of the land of Oz.

Elijah confronts Hayley about their relationship. He knows he can’t change what he is, but he can’t stop loving her either. He’s desperate to do whatever it takes to get Hayley back. She’s not interested in hearts, flowers and proclamations of love right now. Hayley wants Elijah’s head in the game; he needs to be focused on getting Hope back.

The Long Goodbye

Marcel and Sofya head to St. Anne’s to deal with Dominic, the Hollow and her congregation of followers. Marcel is there under the guise of a truce. He offers to work with the Hollow to rid the city of the Mikaelsons. Before agreeing to align, the Hollow/Hope demands that the King kneel before her. Marcel blows some powder in Hope’s face, putting her instantly to sleep, and Sofya stabs Dominic.

Klaus and Elijah use dark objects to trap her acolytes and set them all on fire.

They bring Hope home and chain her to her bed. As she sleeps, Klaus tells Hope he knows she’s still in there and that she can hear him. He insists she’s stronger and braver than anyone he’s ever known, and she helped him believe something Elijah once said, “Family is power.”

Hayley overhears Klaus, and she decides he deserves to know what Vincent failed to divulge. Hayley believes Klaus loves Hope enough to do the right thing, even if it means not seeing her again.

Time is running out, and Kol can’t be reached. Vincent needs four volunteers — all connected to Hope through blood. Vincent says if they can’t reach Kol, they’re going to have to use Hayley. Freya’s convinced there’s another way.

Klaus meets with Marcel in the cemetery. He admits he was never a good father to Marcel. He insists that Marcel isn’t only good enough to be part of the Mikaelson family, he already is. And the only reason Klaus discouraged the romance between Marcel and Rebekah because he felt threatened. How could they love each other and still have room for him?

Klaus wants to set the record straight before they part ways for good. He’s confesses that to his eternal shame, he failed Marcel.

Freya has a heart to heart with Keelin. She tells her girlfriend that she grew up without a mother, and she can’t let that happen to Hope. Since the ritual needs four vampires, Freya is willing to turn to save her niece. Keelin points out the sacrifice Freya would be making. She would lose everything: her family, her home and her ability to practice magic. All Freya cares about is losing Keelin, by becoming the type of monster that killed her girlfriend’s family. Keelin swears she isn’t going anywhere.

Hayley finally decides it’s time to talk to Elijah. She tells him that what happened in the pendant doesn’t take away everything that happened between them. Elijah knows it’s over between them. E believes their romance was always doomed because he could have never been what Hayley needed him to be. He thinks the best thing he can do for Hayley is disappear. They declare their love for one another and share a kiss.

Freya downs some vamp blood, and it’s up to Keelin to inject her with a drug to stop her heart. Freya swears she’s ready for what comes next, but Kol arrives just in time.

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An Ancient Evil Lives On for an Eternity

Since the whole gang is together, it’s time to get started. Klaus pulls Elijah aside and points out that since his brother has always been the keeper of the family bond, he’s going to take this separation the hardest. Klaus is convinced that inevitably, when devoid of family influence, he’ll go back to his previous ways (murder and mayhem). And he makes Elijah promise to leave Klaus to his fate. If E comes to his rescue, it will only help their enemy. Elijah gives Klaus his word.

All hands are on deck as Vincent begins the ritual. Vincent thanks the Mikaelsons for what they’re doing and says it goes a long way towards setting things right in the city. Neither Elijah or Klaus believe anything they do can redeem them now.

Vincent begins the spell, and a blue light exits Hope’s body and enters those of Klaus, Elijah, Rebekah and Kol. Vincent orders them to leave immediately. Klaus lingers, desperate to make sure his daughter is alright. She wakes up, Klaus tells her he loves her and vanishes. Hope calls after him, but he’s gone.

Elijah meets with Marcel at what remains of the plantation where it all began. E tells Marcel he’s a danger to his family. He admits his disease has always been his blind devotion to Klaus. No matter what he does, he’s at the mercy of that devotion, and he can’t do it anymore. Elijah wants Marcel to set him free.

Vincent and Marcel combine their powers to compel Elijah to forget centuries of family drama, to forget the vow of always and forever and all of the pain that went with it, along with the love. The family he cherishes, the vow he’s honored — he must forget all of it, let it go.

Rebekah feels the presence of the Hollow, and it’s unnerving to her. Freya reassures her sister, that once she leaves the city, the effects will lessen. Bex gives Freya a small token of her affection for Hope. Freya tells Rebekah she plans to stay in the city and learn everything she can about the Hollow, so she can fix this. Rebekah advises Freya that family may be sacred, but so is love. Bex believes what Freya has with Keelin is precious, and Freya can’t lose it.

Hayley and Hope say their goodbyes to Freya and leave New Orleans.

After Always and Forever

Rebekah heads to New York city and is surprised by Marcel. His romance with Sofya is over. They are both free, and nobody can tell them they can’t be together. Finally, a happy ending for the couple….for now.

Kol has the Dauphine diamond turned into an engagement ring for Davina. In Mystic Falls, Hope begins attending Caroline and Alaric’s school for gifted children. Elijah sheds the suit, and it appears the compulsion worked as he sees his brother one last time, and they part ways with a nod.

Was the vanquishing of the Hollow anti-climactic? Are you surprised by the upbeat ending? Will Klaus return to his former sadistic self? Let us know what you think the future holds for the Mikaelsons in the comments section below.

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