Supernatural fans, rejoice. There is a spinoff in the works involving Sheriff Jody Mills and potentially Claire Novak. The backdoor pilot will air in Season 13 for a spin-off called Wayward Sisters. It’s been something fans have begged for, as Jody Mills is one of the strongest recurring characters on the show. Here’s a look at five times Jody Mills has proven she needs her own spin-off.

#5. She Followed Her Gut

Jody Mills is no stranger to the supernatural. Her first sight was her son killing her husband. She had to make the awful decision to kill her own son to save himself, herself and other innocent people. But it was events later that have proven she needs a spinoff.

She knows a monster when she sees one and is more than willing to follow her gut to learn the truth. While in the hospital, she decided to follow her doctor in the middle of the night to see him eat her roommate’s liver. She instantly gets people she can trust into the hospital, showing that she’s tough but also smart.

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#4. She Saved Alex on Instinct

Jody was on duty when Alex wound up in jail. That was a lucky coincidence since a vampire showed up to get Alex back. While thinking that the vampire was actually trying to kill Alex, Jody attacked by decapitating him.

As a town sheriff it’s not surprising that Jody can act on instinct, but most cops panic when they see something they can’t explain. From the very first moment we’ve seen Jody she’s remained cool-headed. Over the years, she’s developed hunter skills and proven she can hold her own when necessary.

#3. She Didn’t Let a Broken Leg Stop Her

If having appendicitis didn’t stop her from following her doctor, there was no way a broken leg would stop Jody from fighting against a monster. In Supernatural Season 11, Jody, Claire and Alex become central to a vampire story. Jody has her leg broken and ends up tied up, along with Claire, but that doesn’t keep her down.

The Winchesters, Cas and Bobby have also shown that good hunters will think on their feet. The adrenaline rushes and all that matters is a monster is taken down. Jody ignored the pain of a broken leg to make sure her “adopted” daughters were safe.

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#2. She Took on the British Men of Letters

Mary and Jody became two of the biggest heroes in the Supernatural Season 12 finale. It would have been easy for the Winchesters to kill Ketch and Hess and then take on Lucifer, but it was Jody who pulled one of the triggers. It was one of those “ask questions later” situations that had fans around the world cheering.

Like the Winchesters, Jody knows that family doesn’t end in blood. She will do anything to protect those close to her, and that includes killing a human when necessary.

#1. She Bonded with Alex and Claire

There is always going to be a story or two to tell with Alex and Claire around. The two have pasts that they will never be able to get away from. Jody could have arranged for social workers to take them into the system, but instead she took them into her home. She made sure they felt like they had someone to count on.

Since this moment, fans have called for a Wayward Daughters spin-off. They want to see Jody, Claire, Alex and Donna take on the world of the supernatural. The latest spin-off isn’t exactly going to be the idea fans came up with, but it will be similar. It looks like Jody is going to open her home up to more young orphaned girls.

Do you agree with this list? Which moment made you decide that Jody Mills needs a Supernatural spin-off of her own? Share in the comments below.

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