A long-held desire of the Supernatural fandom might be coming to fruition. Deadline is reporting that The CW is planning a spin-off about fan favorite character Jody Mills. An idea that started, mostly, as a fan dream has materialized into something more as the team behind Supernatural has begun working, in earnest, on a show called Wayward Daughters.

The 7 Most Controversial Moves Ever on Supernatural>>>According to reports, the plan is for Kim Rhodes to lead the spin-off. Rhodes’ Jody will be the head of a “group of troubled young women, all of them orphaned by supernatural tragedy.” This has been Jody’s story for several years on Supernatural but it has mostly occurred off-screen, though a few of Jody’s foster daughters, Annie and Claire, have popped up periodically in Sam and Dean’s adventures since their respective introductions. It is unclear, for now, if Wayward Daughters will include Claire and Annie or if a new group of women will be introduced for Jody to mentor. 

The rumor is that there will be a backdoor pilot somewhere in season 13 of Supernatural. There will be a standalone episode about Jody and her new (or existing) group of foster daughters that will lead into the spin-off launching on The CW. At least that is the plan for now. 

Wayward Daughters is being crafted by a team from Supernatural — current showrunner Andrew Dabb, writer/producer Robert Singer, director and writer Phil Sgriccia and writer Robert Berens are all attached. It is reported that Dabb and Berens will co-run the show if it is picked up to series. 

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Wayward Daughters is not the first time Supernatural has attempted a spin-off. Back in season 9, Supernatural aired the episode “Bloodlines,” which was meant to start a spin-off of the same name with all new characters. The attempt was not successful. Most of the criticism came from fans who had no desire to watch brand-new characters who they had no attachment to or knowledge of beforehand. Wayward Daughters is something fans have been clamoring for so it would be shocking if it doesn’t get picked up for series eventually. 

But what do you think? Would you watch Wayward Daughters? Is Jody the best Supernatural character to get a spin-off? Who do you think should join Jody on the spin-off?

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